Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Seduced Reality

First things first, so yesterday I headed off to Home Depot where I got this nifty apron-thing. I went for a small jigsaw because my old one is missing and I can't cut straight with the handsaw.
I plan on hanging all five of my Tune In Turn On Drop Cloth pieces in the new updated guest room, not that I am down to filling walls. I never hang my quilts in my house, never have, but here I have empty walls and a few brads so away I go. I got the OK to hang two over the beds, but then decided to add a third one between the beds, and why not finish it all up with two more on the side wall that are (egads) empty! First I cut the wood to the correct lengths, then used my new sanding block to clean up the edges and some splinters along the edges. They look so smooth now, and cannot possibly snag at the quilts. The batteries for the drill are charging right now to drill their holes, wish I had a scrap of wood to drill into- I was seriously considering the bottom of some furniture until I found a piece of junk I can use. I must remember to save it.
Next I found some magnetized paint and bought a very expensive pint of the stuff to prime over my desk. The wall is cement and I can't drive nails into it so figured this might be a workable alternative. (My helper carpenter guy did drive nails through the homosote below this paint but I don't have his powerful gun.) So I painted away. This stuff was thick as chocolate pudding and it sais to use thin coats, I tried, ended up putting about 5 coats on and left it to dry overnight- between coats I couldn't get my little magnets to stick, drat.
So today I loaded on the rest of the paint as thick as I could get it. I used it all up and did mange to get one small magnet to stick but no way would this hold a piece of paper. I've been duped. So tomorrow I have to paint the top coat(SSSSS- plural) over the black to bring it back to looking like it did before I botched up the damn wall. So much for being a quick fix. The cork panels weren't a fix either, they all fell off overnight (see the little square patches in the black? Those are hunks of adhesive that stuck permanently to the wall, but not the cork they were supposed to work with.)

AND, apparently the paint has some iron in it because as I washed the roller all this granular stuff appeared swirling around the sink- remember the iron filings you could drag around on a guy's face with a little magnet to make a beard? Same stuff I think. Except this doesn't appear to be magnetized.

SO, I took 30 pictures of water swirling through this stuff trying to drain. I feel a project coming on.

I'm looking on the bright side though. Look what I found in my box of crocheted stuff! This little turtle was made by someone to hold soap in the sink, back when soap bars were much smaller than today's. He had his head hanging off so I sewed it back on, and now he is ready to go sit on my sink---the one without the iron filings. Hope I can find some small soap around the house.

The other thing I unearthed, an unfinished circus pony portrait. It started out as the whole horse but somewhere along the line I got way sick of working on him. The black layer is very shreddy and applique was a bitch. I will finish it quickly and get it ready for a favorite guy who wanted it back when I was doing it- wonder if his tastes have changed in 15 years. Oh well, at least I can put it in the done file. I think I remember copying the image from an old etching and that means I can't ever show it, but I do kinda like it still.


Deb said...

Jeez Lueeeez - I hope that crap isn't adhering to the inside of your sink pipes! Time to hang another 2" think piece of foam insulation covered with your choice of fabric to cover the disaster.

j.dávila said...

Two ideas: first, try different magnets. Rare earth magnets are much, much stronger and should stick to your expensive paint better than ordinary magnets. Most hardware stores sell them and you can "dress" them up to make them more interesting.

Second, if you want to put the kabbash on the paint completely, you could use Liquid Nails adhesive to attach a couple of thin sheets of metal directly to the wall over the paint (thereby eliminating the need to re-paint) for a magnetic board. Just make sure you give the paint a couple of days to completely cure for good adhesion.

Take a couple of your small magnets with you to Home Depot and see which of their thin metal sheets they stick to before you buy them (ask me how I know...)


Rayna said...

Well, I hate to tell you this but you can order cork with adhesive backing on the Internet. I have it on my kitchen wall over the desk-disaster area. I should have cork on all my kitchen walls, I have so much crap to hang: you know - calendar, prescriptions, memos, newspaper clippings, blah blah.
The cork works great.