Friday, October 23, 2009

Crappy Paint Update

Thanks for your concern over the paint problems- I will try stronger magnets, good plan. Today I went over the black with the original color. Three coats and it looks like hell if you look closely but at least it's not big black splotches any longer. I HAD a big piece of leftover 2" foam insulation that was scrap from the garage door coverings but I downloaded it because I didn't think I needed it, dumb, huh?

Anyway, it is looking fairly respectable if you don't get close, and take your glasses off...and turn the lights off.... After it's all dry tomorrow I'll test it again with as many magnets as I can find. If that won't work I will try just hanging a quilt on top of the mess- lord knows I have a few. I don't NEED the space for bulletin boards as I have 16 running feet right below.

But please note that this stuff doesn't quite do it the way it promises. I've read the directions several times and actually did follow them closely. It's ain't me this time.

Sigh. I'll post when I decide what to do next. Maybe cake frosting- that's sort of the look I have now but I could try one of those decorative tips!

Actually only a small amount of the iron stuff twirled around in the sink. Since it's black in a big white sink with a low dip, it looked like a lot more. Not to worry, it's non-toxic, or so they say. The second day I just threw the brush out rather than wash it. Bad me.

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