Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today's Adventure in BizNiz

I found a sign guy in my same industrial park and he said he could install yesterday afternoon, a few hours after I burst into his studio and interrupted his tv time.  The shop was littered with tee shirts and skateboards and pretty much in need of a good sweep, but I was there, he was there and he sure wasn't doing anything. He never showed up.

Kind of a biker guy, but *very* nice blue eyes.

I went racing over to the studio after lunch today sure it would be up but no, and I had been in such a hurry I forgot my phone so sat around for a bit waiting.  Sure enough he showed, and here ya go:

Hmmm, did I say 'goth' typeface?  Don't think so... I did say lower case, he got that part of our conversation.   My son, the font snob, will have a design fit when he sees this but it's staying because it's DONE.  See the dingle dangle diamonds?  Classy touch, eh?

Here's the side light since you're being held captive by all this excitement:

And I am waving at you to c'mon in, that's not an attempt at the web fingered Vulcan salute.  And a final note, if you call that number I will answer.  Just in case you need emergency mixed media textile art.

begging forgiveness,


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Looking good!

Rayna said...

Snort! Catching up on my blog reading - just as woefully behind as you are. So did you pick out this typeface or did ol' blue eyes? Maybe he should pay YOU.

Love the sentiments on the rest of the sign. Working my way backwards and will comment on earlier posts, later. (as if you need my comments - LOL). On my way to NY to pick up my daughter.