Monday, November 23, 2009

Preparations, Exasperations

Late last night I was reading Rayna's blog because I am woefully behind in reading any blogs and one has to start somewhere!  She was talking about price lists at her Open Studios and asked how people felt about them.  I don't feel anything about them, in fact never even thought about it until it came up last night, basically because I had no thoughts of selling anything from the Open Studio.  Well, the more I pondered, the more I realized I really need a price list, not to advertise prices, but just in case someone wants to know I don't have to go scurrying around to tell them.  So today's studio time went to a price list, or more accurately, two copies of my price list nicely printed on my cloud paper with my Ganymede moon in the corner.  Then I slipped them into plastic sleeves and hung them unobtrusively where I can grab them.  There is a note at the bottom that the day of the Open Studio all quilts are reduced 15% as a thank you for coming.

Then it occurred to me that all these quilts have names and that is how they are listed on the price list. SOoooo back to the computer to grab the titles, re-format and print onto card stock, cut them into little strips, and then paste them to the wall near each quilt.  I needed to be in the studio anyway because I was waiting for my new door sign which was due to arrive in the afternoon, however, by 5 it wasn't there yet so I left.  Tomorrow will be another day of waiting and finding even more silly projects to kill my time rather than getting involved in some ahhht.   So, here are the labels ready to paste

                                                                       and here they are pasted!

Did I ever mention my pact with the gods of synchronicity?  I have this amazing luck where things appear-  just APPEAR!- when I need them the most.  I may not even know I need a particular thing, and it appears with a resounding 'A-HA'!  I stroke these gods, I would give them full fat milk and honey if they would show up, but it is just one of those things I am so grateful for.  Yesterday as I was hanging the diamonds I was somewhat appalled at my crappy homemade door sign but got over it fast.  Later, on the way out of the industrial park, I took a side road and there was a sign guy right in front of me.  I stopped in and made a deal, and the new sign will be put up today.  Thanks to the gods.  Bless 'em.

Interestingly enough, he also does neon-  gotta keep that in the back of my head because it WILL be useful for something!  

Tomorrow is knitting day where I work on my Habu sweater for a few hours on the teensy needles.  I am really making progress-  now I have done about 2" up the back so the ETA will be finishing in the fall of 2015.  IF I keep at it steadily.  Actually if it will be worn in my coffin, I don't really need the back-  just the front and sleeves, eh?

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