Saturday, December 26, 2009

Almost Over It

Day Four in the same jeans, the only pants I have that fit.  I came home in a pair of pants that looked like I had mugged a clown but were warm and comfortable for plane flight, but knowing I have a big plastic tub of pants here labeled "Too Damn Small".  Well, seems I had taken that tub o' pants to Goodwill sometime last summer in my quest to clean out stuff I hadn't worn in several years-  and let's face it, who ever thought I'd get into the 8's again?  Apparently not me.  So, here I am with a closet full of pants, some warm enough for winter wear, but all part of the aforementioned clown wardrobe.

So, I had fortunately brought along my brand new skinny jeans that fit me and put those on as soon as I got in the door.  That was the 23rd.  I wore them and cooked in them all the next day, then all day Christmas and to the movies that night, and here I am in them again today.  They have kept their shape nicely and I really like them a lot BUT after four days I want a change.  The world wants a change.  I would have run over to Bloomingdales this morning first thing to see what's on sale ('cause who wants to spend full price on size 8's when I may be size 2 next week at the rate I am fading away- this BTW, is one of those things illustrating the famous "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR" caution.

Instead we ended up in Ipswich visiting the lovely Hazel for a breakfast at a local B&B near her house.  She wore her silver uggs that were all of 4" long-  my boots leaked immediately and made my feet miserable though breakfast.  But tonight we are going to a friend's new restaurant and I really don't want to wear jeans, but even more than that I don't want to go to Bloomies and drive around looking for parking for a half hour!  SO, I am going back into the clown closet to see if there is ANYthing that might pretend to fit.  Maybe there are some pants that are *meant* to be gathered around the waist...  what are the chances?

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

How about a pareo or a sarong from some of the fabric you might have???????
It would be great over the skinny jeans.