Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year Ahead

I've really had it with this year, enough is enough!  Things have smoothed out in some areas, but now I have to deal with getting to airports hours early to be frisked and interrogated and searched by sniffy dogs.  Oh for the good old days when they were looking for drugs.  Drugs I could deal with.

Not explosives carried by mentally ill people from far away places.  Not on planes.  I just don't get it-  I accept that they hate me, but I hate some people too and don't try to obilterate them from the planet.  Of course when I hate somebody it's usually a individual thing, not a whole country thing, and of course that kind of hate isn't the mentally ill obsessive kind...  is it?  Well?

Here is my favorite kid of the moment taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.  I get to see her in a few more weeks when her baby brother is born and I have to fly back to be here hovering in case somebody needs me for something.  She is right out of the shower and wearing her 'pearls' and doesn't want to take them off-  finally somebody in my family that I understand.  

Send up some thoughts to the sky that I land on purpose tomorrow.  I wouldn't even think to ask for 'on time' too.  Thanks.

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Rayna said...

Our trip to Fla. next week should be interesting. Never a dull travel moment, is there?