Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Eighth Day of Christmas

Some kinda ugly wreath, but you only get what you pay for.

Today's Horror-scope:  Instead of starting something different today, you would be wiser to build on what you began over the past few days. Even if you are already bored with what you are doing, don't fall into the trap of thinking that you'll have more fun creating a new project. You don't have to change your current direction to be happier; you only have to change your mind.

Guess that puts the kabosh on scraping the swamp quilt I am slogging through!  Definite stop first thing is that leafy green fabric I have in my head-  let's see if it actually exists or if I will be forced into subterfuge by scanning, printing and clipping!  There ya go, the 'Mind Change' happened before your very eyes.  Amazing.  But I still have to stop at the quilt store.

I never made it to the studio yesterday because I got so bound up in stupid errands, ran home to walk the dog and grab some lunch, and then back out again.  Ladieeeezzz, I finally got the books out to you.  I waited in line 20 minutes at the USPS, but the line didn't move so I left in a huff and later ended up at a Mailboxes where I got fleeced.  Last time I am giving anything away that has to be mailed!  One of the packages cost me more to mail than the book is worth and that killed me-  I would have rather sent a check!  Anyway, so much for a generous spirit.  But the whole day went like that.  I need some different leafy fabric for the current quilt, and the quilt store is closed on Mondays.  Drat.  I went to pick up a prescription and it wasn't ready yet.  I went to have a VCR tape made into a DVD and the guy who does it won't be back till tomorrow.  Never made it to the bank because I was afraid they would shut the doors in my face.

Today's Give-a-Way went to Kiva where I found a group of enterprising women to fund called La Pintura.  They each sell different items and their funding will be used to resupply their stocks.  This has always been one of my favorite places to throw money as it 'teaches to fish' rather than giving them fish.  A worthy cause, so if you are looking to do some give-away, go check them out.

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Beverly said...

Yea, I've had those kind of days, too. Why do errands take such an incredibly long time? Or is it just that we resent the time it takes and it just seems like forever to get to the bank, grocery store, PO etc? Anyway, you made me LOL. Beverly