Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Ninth Day of Christmas ta da da da da daaah

Merry Silk Hydrangea Christmas.

And I am running out of cash fast.  Today is the Marine program 'Toys for Tots' so I will stop into WallyWorld this afternoon and grab me a shiny new toy to donate.  Besides the fact that it's run by Marines, it's a program for making kids believe just one more day that Santa is indeed doing his job.

Whew, this is getting to be quite a challenge.  I have one more really good one for tomorrow, then it's on to the 'B' list where everybody needs money and I have to just close my eyes and point.

Today I got a notice from my friend Terry Jarrard-Dimond that she has a new interview up on her blog with Arturo Sandoval.  Wow-  I've admired this guy's work forever, and have been so happy to see him hanging in the same shows as me once in awhile.  Anyway, go here to her site and read on.  She does a great job with her interview series-  you may just want to poke around a bit and see some of her other posts.  There are some of the most interesting women out there that I have had the privilege of coming across.  Guess I should make more of an effort to get out and find them!

Terry's work is about as far from mine as anyone could get but I find it so compelling.  I love to study it and decipher her choices, always paring down to the simple and elegant.  My own tends to the multilayered and cluttered and confusing-  how I wonder where I went wrong.

I'm at the studio taking a coffee break from trying to get the current pile of crap corralled and harnessed -  I had a fortuitous event yesterday at the local quilt shop where I stopped in to look for more swampy fabric that was easy to cut-  there was a yard left of the one I was using but ran through so I grabbed it-  it's been sitting there for 3 years.  Fortunately for me the swampy look isn't something that sells very well in Florida.  The fabrics that fly out the door are high chroma fish and anything with palm trees.  OK, coffee is about gone so I better get the (branding) iron out.  Yippee yi o kai ayyy

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