Friday, December 11, 2009

ELEVEN Days of Christmas*

A wrapped twiggy wreath- lacy and pretty in a sort of Scandanavian way.  Simple and neat.

 Today's donation, the guy in front of Wal-Mart got a little cash for his Salvation Army pot today.  I was waiting for a small child to come by to stick it in, but got intimidated by speaking to kids even if their mom was nearby.  This society is getting stranger and stranger that I feel guilty talking to kids!

Aren't we finished donating yet?  This is getting hard.

Better I talk to radishes.  I bought these at the Farmer's Market last Saturday and have been picking them off one by one all week-  they are about the size of a small apple, I've never seen such large radishes.  And I love radishes.  Fortunately it is something I can eat that isn't full of those nasty carbs.

Finally, here are my bubbling shortribs.  They turned out so good I couldn't eat them for a regular old night so I have saved them for special.  Now I need to get someone in for a shortrib party, bring on the noodles.

*and that's about ten too many IMHO

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