Saturday, December 12, 2009

Twelve Days Down

Recycled magazine pages, I think.  Looks cool AND seasonless so you don't have to climb ladders to remove on Jan 6.

TY couldn't get any sound on his computer today so we ended up at 7 AM watching Christopher Walken for an hour on Netflix.  Nice way to start the day, I am still laughing over my oatmeal.  TY only has sound when he is watching videos, but I am staying out of fixing it for him-  he has to FISH with Mac help on his own this time.  (Note-  he has given up and is now watching a search for Alexander's tomb on tv.  Sigh.)

I discovered that if one eats 6 lambchops for dinner and then tests one's sugars, they are 100:  perfect.  Lambchops are the answer-  gotta go buy a sheep today to eat my way through.  I was getting darn sick of greens.

OK, today's Give-Away will be a donation to the local elementary school, Jupiter Elementary.  It's largely Hispanic and works with the kids of the South American workers around here, so they need extra help with English and reading until they get caught up.  Many of my friends volunteer there to read with the kids on a one-on-one basis so they get the extra help, learn vocabulary and phonics, as well as conversation.  They happily accept donations for classroom enrichments they don't have any longer.  So, there ya go for today.

I got my new footstool, so tied on a top with some ribbons for a hassock-  the cushion that came with it was cheezy and this cheezy.                 Also, my new barstools arrived from Overstock last night, I am only hoping that I ordered the right height for working at my tables in the studio-  today's project is to somehow drag them over and set them up-  I won't have time to cover them with barkcloth before the open studio which is suddenly upon me!

Yesterday I also got a MAJOR surprise when a delivery guy showed up with these:

These guys are the BEST!  I only wish they could be here for it.

Bet you can't see any progress, but believe it or not, the whole left side is re-jigged.  I am busily trying to resolve all the blocks of color change and the strong edges.  So the hole in the center temporarily lives on and I hope today, the Twelfff Day of Christmas, will fix it..  Need to get more dark darks and a few light lights in this, as it seems to be turning to mush as I lay in all the leaves.  Just being my own crit group, a lonely job for sure.

Lastly, a welcome back to Nate, who has been on his own Oddysey, called the 'EUxtravaganza09' through northern Europe.  He is flying home to Boston today from Dublin and I can't wait to hear all about it.  Told him I do not want any Waterford or Aran sweaters but he can buy me a Guinness ('a steak in every bottle') when we see him at Christmas.  OK, that's it for now, I must get to work!

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Maxine said...

I hope that your open studio goes well . . . it is about time that you get some of the recognition that you deserve!