Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Got good report from the doc this morning-  changing my meds down a notch, weight down, all numbers are in normal range, YAHOO!  And the bestest news is that I now can carry a fast acting med so if I absolutely need a hit before I dive into my 1/2 cup of pasta, it's ready to fight the consequences for me.  So, at the very least I can now have a bit of my favorite foods now and then, as long as I "don't go crazy".

Ohmigawd-  check out this picture-  I think the backdrop is WALLPAPER printed with desserts-  I have got to find this!  And while I am at it I will also get the big brown cannonball thing lurking in the center. I can skip right past the ladyfinger thing.  Where is my portable spork now that I need it?

To celebrate I ordered a case for my Kindle because it's getting banged up in my bag.  Of course, by the time I add the weight of the case to the weight of the Kindle, I may as well just carry a couple of hardcover books around.

Looks like studio time will be limited again today as I go off galivantin' around (oh yeah, I hear my dad's voice in that line!) But it will be fun to see some friends and do something mindless.  I am hoping I can be dropped off at the studio if my feet don't hurt too much by the end of the galivant.  The time just seems to evaporate these days.

I do have to say that having a space outside the house is better than inside the house, especially at this stage of my being.  it was great all those years to just walk upstairs to my stuff but there were kids around and I was needed at home 24/7.  I would have loved to take space in the elementary school down the street when it closed and converted to artists space, but I monitored how I worked and it was in short bits between other duties and then late into the night so it wouldn't have ever worked to have space away from home.  Then, after we moved to the condo, I wouldn't have been around for enough time to justify that kind of studio.  I sort of made concessions in the way I worked while there-  making smaller pieces and exploring other media, plus I started doing a lot of ink jet printing on fabric so working at home was fine.  But the time in Florida has expanded, and the house here has shrunken in proportion and the studio out of the house is a luxury I can afford for the first time (and I don't mean just $$$).  Having such space is wonderful, but again, like a carp, I have grown to the size of my environment!  I've only been in it for a few months and already I need to do a massive clean-out.  I *thought* I would have time to burn but no-  I have to learn to do* what I always yammered at the kids to do-  clean up as you go!

And with this I will go change to my galivanting clothes and head south to the land of the perpetually wind-tunnel faced crowds of Palm Beach where I stand out like a Shar Pei at a Greyhound convention.

*note to self

If only Self would pay attention to these notes!

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Deb said...

Have I told you this week that you are hilarious? Erma Bombeck snickers in her urn.