Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Look at Me, Way Up High, Look at Meeeee, I'm FLYING!

Landed on purpose yesterday, the best way.  Actually the security lines were reasonable except we weren't paying attention and went through the wrong lines, had to get out and go get in line all over again at the other side of the terminal so we were doubly secure.  Thanksgod we were there so early to arrange for being checked and REchecked.  Again, TY sailed right through with a wave-  they don't even question him when he is wearing his Smith and Wesson hat.  Ain't fair, though I am not complaining since they didn't frisk me this time either.

So, my main plan was to get to the studio and start all of these projects I need to do all of a sudden.  So, this morning I read my horror-scope:

You may feel as if there is some forward movement today, but things are still not progressing as fast as you wish. Everything seems to be taking more time than it should and nothing you do has the desired effect. But rather than being hard on yourself or getting frustrated, a smarter strategy now might be to retreat. Instead of wearing yourself out and going nowhere, take it easy and use this time to rebuild your energy reserves.

Darn tootin'.  The stretcher frames I ordered didn't arrive so that piece can't be finished up for it's buyer yet.  I received my Glorious Color order just before I left for Boston, and my mind was on it all weekend trying to decide what to do for the twin's baby quilts I want to make- one for a girl, on a boy and due in March.  Then of course I have a quilt to make for the new grandson who is due any minute now.  Yesterday when I stopped by the studio to deliver some boxes, I just reached into a bin and pulled out a fabulous pillow cover that Sylvia had given me a long time ago-  the scene is of little Chinese boys in a circle in very grayed out colors.  I couldn't believe it because it is absolutely the perfect piece to anchor the baby quilt.  I held it up to the Glorious Color pile and it looks like it was the model for the colors so that one is all set and I am happy happy about the plan.

Then, today I blocked and cleaned up the quilt 'Elegy' that never went anywhere but people always liked in person.  Still do, because it sold at the Open Studio.  Here it is:

It's my feeling that it never went anywhere because the images are quite 'off' from what it really looks like.  It lacks this much contrast, is paler than this, and so doesn't photograph well.  But I've always liked it a lot and am glad it's found a good home.  So today I printed out the hanging directions, the bill, and the 'care and feeding' instructions for the buyer and found an appropriate stick.  Because it had so many splinters in it I covered it with duct tape and neatened it up so all the pieces are in one place ready to go.

Then, I got another commission, small, under 6 square feet.  I'm planning on digital collage so have to get out and grab my images so I can get busy on it.  This is due mid-January so I am really cutting it close.  Same time I need to have the grandbaby quilt done too.  As I get these all underway I'll post pictures, but for now I am dealing with just piles of fabric.

And the studio looks like someone strapped explosives to their underwear in there.  There isn't one square inch that isn't piled with prospective projects.

Tomorrow I 'build my energy reserves' by going into Palm Beach with 'the girls' for a Worth Ave lunch followed by some serious consignment shopping.  Maybe I can find some non-clown pants formerly owned by a Palm Beach socialite.  Oh no, of course I won't-  those would all be smaller than size 2!  And by Lily Pulitzer- gag me now.  Everything that is larger than a '2' is on the rack in the back hall labeled 'FAT LADIES STUFF'.  Third markdown.  Hope I get back in time to put in some studio time.

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