Monday, December 14, 2009

The Fourteenth Day of (sigh) Christmas

I have always loved succulent wreathes and this one is particularly beautiful.  I could kill it in (make a bet, I'll wait...) three days!  Yup I can.

So, today is Goodwill as the Give-away.  I have my trunk loaded with good stuff I just am not using any more and off I go.  Now that the packing is done, I can take a breath before I go buy some food.  We've been living on fumes for a few day, with a meal here and there thanks to the kindness of strangers.  While I was waiting for the AC guy to finish up I got some ornaments hung by the chimney with care-  well I really just tied a few balls to the chandelier and called it a day.  No lights, no tree, and I truly don't miss it a bit.  Except for the smell of balsam.  Next I need to get to the studio and rip down all the quilts, roll 'em up, and get to business on Swamp-Thang.

Hope your banisters are all festooned.

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Deanna said...

Sandy, love the new blog header. Very cool.