Sunday, December 13, 2009

Whew. Good News, Bad News Sorta Day

I don't know who made these wreathes, but if it wasn't Boris Bally, it is a direct lift.  I have the keychains, I have the Yield signs, I lust after the chairs.  If these are by Boris, now I can add on that I want his wreaths too!

First the Bad News, the magician didn't show.  I am so pissed, I contacted him by email, he phoned back and confirmed.  Then yesterday afternoon he emailed me and RE-confirmed and I sent a second batch of directions and my cell in case he got lost.  He never showed up and my phone, which I am currently wearing as ass padding, never rang.  Bummer.

Now the Good News.  I had a pretty full house, though I can go back in my head over the people who didn't show up.  Sunday afternoon must be a more full social time for everybody else but me.  I know this wasn't a command performance so I am just sucking it up.  But the people who came were enthused and got an introduction to what the hell I do and now I won't have to explain myself to anyone who was there.  The place looked cool, and I think they all got it as soon as they walked in the door.  I gave up the balloon plan and instead hung a 10' banner, actually a table runner that is too big for the table, outside the door.  It was a lovely hot day and it flapped away for anyone who got as far as my little back driveway.

Now the Better News than the Good News.  I sold 2 pieces.  This was unexpected, but also gratifying that someone liked the work and actually heard it talkin'.  But the wine  and the Stella were good, and we had a couple of platters of cheeses and cookies so everybody left happy.

Tonight I am feeling a sense of great relief that it's over, so I put up a new blog header and am changing the colors because I'm tired of the old and want something new.  And I am really looking forward to getting back in there tomorrow, sweeping out the crumbs, and getting down the work of making messes!  I don't think I will be doing it again unless I get some better ideas on people moving.

I'm done, now my time is my own.


Deanna said...

Congratulations, Sandy. So glad the day went well - and two pieces sold is great!

Can't wait to see what you're putting up on the new banner on the blog.

Relax tonight!

Rayna said...

Catching up on your blob, Sandy - you didn't need the damn magician anyway -- you are good at creating your own magic. Congrats on selling 2 pieces!

Bev said...

Sorry to have missed your Open Studio, Sandy. My countdown on Christmas tasks and eye surgery got the best of me, and I had to stay focused. Sounds like a terrific afternoon, and big congrats on selling 2 pieces! Safe travels t5o the Big White North.