Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well remember the last post when I waxed poetic over a new bag with IRON prints all over it?  And I said I almost feel like ironing!

Too bad I listened to myself.  (And that ain't the first time) because I was ironing a label on the back of a sold quilt getting it ready for it's new home and


I ironed the fused side up.  Which of course wrecked the label I had so carefully written and decorated because the iron pulled up my writing because I had written it on the fused side!  So at least I am consistent.

(I had to remove the original label because I had spelled the quilt name wrong.  And I thought I was being so careful THIS time around).

So-  tell me, how does one de-gunk an iron these days?  I scraped away at it, reheated it and used a scrubbie but it still wont' glide and slide.  I am so bummed, this was a new iron.  Truthfully I have always had to throw them out when this happens because they are not trustworthy to not drag gunk onto everything they touch from now on.  Please, I can't be the Lone Ranger of Idiocy-  gimme your tips!

I've been penned into the studio because the trash guy was here taking a coffee break or something, but he has blocked me in-  I just heard him leave so I must get home and clean up for my big night out.  Hope you all have the best year ahead, full of creative thoughts and clean irons forever!

Happy New Year
and many thanks for hanging around with me these past years!


jpsam said...

I keep on hand a tube of that Dritz hot iron cleaner that smells so bad -- as an insurance policy. I have heard that a brown paper bag works or a dryer sheet...Good Luck! Have a blast on your big night out. Thanks for your wonderful posts! Looking forward to following you in 2010

Rayna said...

I think conventional wisdom says to iron one of those dryer fabric softener sheets. I've heard used are better, but also people have used unused (oh, you know what I mean). Happy New Year. Talk to you next wk.

Diane Wright said...

so Goo Gone doesn't work? Yikes! Happy Blue Moon. I hope to see you sometime this winter.(Jan-Feb)

Maxine said...

Used dryer sheets . . . (must be used or you will have a mess on your hands) . . . just iron the sheets repeatedly until all gunk is gone . . . this got me through a lot of duh moments.