Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Day

The Horror Scope for this new start:
This can be a great day to do something special for yourself that establishes a pattern for a new daily routine. Keep in mind that your gift doesn't have to be extravagant; it only needs to be healthy. Consider a small step that's related to exercise or diet that you can take now. You might be pleasantly surprised at how a little change can make such a big difference.
And to think I have NO intentions of making any resolutions or giving myself any more 'gifts' for quite a long time, now I have to consider small steps!  Oy.

Went to a house party last night to ring it in and wonder of wonders, I managed to stay wide awake with lipstick on the whole night!  Usually I find the master bedroom and bury myself under the mound of coats, assuming no one else has beat me to it!  But here in FL there is no such place in houses, no hall coat closets either so I managed to behave like a grown-up for once.  I even bravely put on a gold pointy hat and blew a noisemaker like I was supposed to!  Going to start the year with Less Cynicism and Less Irony and Less Smart-Mouthing.  (That's not a resolution, just a 'be nicer' plan.)  If it doesn't serve me well by noon today I'll give it all up.

So, I am being lazy, need to get my clothes on and hike myself over to the Cement Box and tackle that iron!  I'll report back as to what works-  I have every product that was recommended to me in my fancy new purse (it would hold several small animals if they got along well together) and I will try them systematically, possibly make you all a spreadsheet with the results!  BTW, thanks so much for the suggestions.  My favorite was to buy a new iron!  Also, I have to recover my board soon because it's a mess too from all my scraping.  So, again, don't OD on futbol today, don't eat black eyed peas without a healthy dose of Bean-o, and be thankful that hideous decade is finally over.

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