Friday, December 18, 2009

Nineteenth Day, Nearing the End!

Good things come in tiny packages.  Love this little twig wreath.

Today I am sending some buckos to NPR, same reason as yesterday, for the many years of enjoyment I've gotten from listening.

I spent the day in the studio on Friday and it was good to get out of the rain- until the rain came IN an found me! My drainpipe from the roof that runs through the studio in the front started spurting water so I frantically taped all the electric stuff into a garbage bag to protect it from splash. It didn't last long, just during the worst of the storm as the roof got backed up and the drain was overworked, but it was a tad of excitement there for awhile. I was able to fuse down the flying parts, remove the pins that had overtaken the whole piece, and generally wrestle it into submission. Finally, in spite of the indoor rains, here is yesterday's progress:

There ya go.


Maxine said...

like the new piece a lot!

Rayna said...

Looking good!