Sunday, December 20, 2009

Twen-teeth puff puff Day puff puff of puff Christpuffmas

(That's me running out of steam!) I think this will go on until Tuesday when we leave for the holiday. After that I will be too busy to continue a count down so you all can finish it up for the last couple of days, k?

Woohoo, my favorite color gift box!  Haven't see this for years under my tree.

There is an amazing list of places one can help here on Mary Zadrozny's blog.  It encompasses all sorts of places that can use your hand knit or quilting skills, as well as lots of other ideas and is worth tucking away to save for later when you need to do something worthwhile.I think for today's pledge I will pick three places on her list to join in.  TBD  (and I promise this is not an empty promise!)

On another note, I have come across a serious shortcoming of the new studio-  seems I have a Christian Rock band who practices here on Sundays (assuming after they get out of Sunday School!) in the office next door.  They aren't 'bad' as far as the music goes butttttt there seems to be an acoustic issue and their speakers are located right over my head wherever I go!  I wouldn't be minding the music, but what I do mind is the practice practice practice part that they are taking WAY too seriously.  And unfortunately Molly-the-barker is with me and watch-dogging in front of the door with teeming teens walking around in the parking lot.  And of course today I have invited a friend over and she is due any minute.  Ohmigawd, the computer is vibrating...   And I thought yesterday's spouting drain pipe was a pain.

The kids wandering around are not as cute, double this number, and kinda all tricked out.

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