Sunday, December 06, 2009

Oops. Skipped a Day

So today is two wreathes!  One for the Fourth Day of Christmas, one for the Fifth.  Aren't we lucky...  Two paper wreathes!

One made out of beer coasters in that warm and fuzzy holiday tradition.  (OK if you recently got back from the Irish Pub Crawl I 'spose.)

And this one made from paint chips all in shades of traditional Santa periwinkle and mauve.  Also OK if you just bought your first condo and have no color sense.  Also, I 'spose.

So, I am still covered on the GiveAway plan, OK until tomorrow when I have to come up with a few things to tide me over.  There aren't a lot of homeless people around here to buy lunch for, and I am not very good at the contact-with-people part anyway, so I will write out some donation checks today for some favorite charities, and promise that if I fund a herd of bees it will only count as ONE donation.  Also I have a few organizations in mind that can use some help other than me standing around wearing a white glove and pretending to smile.  So, Merry Christmas, here I go throwing money at it already!

1 comment : said...

Oh the beer coasters bring back a memory. My DH built a Treehouse. Notice the capital T. It was one he wanted since he was a child. Stained glass window, glazed windows (all reclaimed), little bunson heater for tea, a basket to haul things (beer) up, a few chairs, and a bench on which to recline. He also made a short wave radio. The inside walls are papered with beer containers from a store in Chicago that specialized in small brewery beers, and, of course, beer coasters from all over. Of course, there's a cow's skull and antlers. Of course. It's a guys place. It's fun to just sit and look at it all, plus the birds eye view of the pasture below. We had a tree-house raising/family reunion to get it built. Fun! In 100 degrees weather. Build the tree house, followed by a swim in the river, then a picnic. For 26 people. Whew!