Friday, December 04, 2009

Twenty One Days of Christmas

Yeah, the always festive ANTLER wreath.  Needs a bow, eh?  Maybe a sprinkle of glitter?

All the books are addressed and ready for the PO, except one that has a *special* means of delivery!  Watch for it on Tuesday!  The books were all taken, and I have made my gift that covers me for the 5th already, but I can't actually relinquish it until after the Open Studio.

And so another one begins...  Here we go, a quilt about the mangrove swamps, so far just the fabrics bound and gagged.  If they behave I will free them to be trees and roots.  The mangrove swamps are pretty dull colorwise so I have chosen to pump it up slightly.  I've been working from a whole series of swamp pictures I took on a canoe trip and really like these fabrics together.  Oh yes, I got a confirmation letter from my Congressman about my letter deploring the release of Burmese Pythons into the swamp.  I'm on note.  It unfortunately was followed up with letters about three other bills having nothing python-ish about them at all.  I kinda hate to tell him I am still registered in MA and there are very few constrictors loose there of the snaky kind, only the form with two legs.

Another note-  I got talked into going to a luncheon with a psychic speaker yesterday that I was really looking forward to.  First off there was a wine tasting and we filled out questions for the psychic to answer.  I can't have any wine so I sipped away on a big glass of water, what a bore.  Lunch was really good, a generous slab of perfect salmon, some edamame, and a few tablespoons of rice with ginger.  Unfortunately the speaker was a bore and spent her time going on and one about herself and how many celebrities she had helped over the years-  but when asked direct questions she wouldn't answer them, instead referred us to her BOOK, which she says may be out next year.  Huh?  First I have to sit through a boring talk about her and her 'friends' with not a psychic hit in the bunch-  "And then LaToya asked me to read for Michael but I didn't...", or "The JonBenet Ramsey case is coming to fruition very soon."  OK, so who cares about that without knowing whodoneit???  Isn't that what one uses a psychic for?

Dessert arrived, a platter with three mini dessert tastes that looked perfect, but I sent it back feeling extremely sorry for myself.  Then I sent myself sneaking out the back door on the pretext of hitting the john.  Spending the afternoon with Molly and an hour of quiet knitting was preferable.

Today I had a visit at the studio for a little show and tell.  Two friends arrived from Boston and I loved seeing what they are up to.  Beverly is doing some amazing marbleing that I was dying to grab right away from her and take as my own but she promised to come back and have a session with me here.  I have to buy some pool noodles first!  I've been on the ProChem website since she left putting in an order.  I did a bunch of marbleing many years ago but have used up every scrap and would love to get at it again.  The 'Other Sandy' was visiting for a few days so didn't have any actual work but instead had a hunk of orange construction fence for me that was in a size I don't have, and also her sketchbook.  She was working on page after page of intricate 'doodles' that she will translate into thermofax screens (maybe), very interesting stuff.  Then we gossiped, because it's me and that's what I do...

Back to marbles:  As I remember I had as much of an issue with MAGENTA in the project as I did in dyeing.  God, I hate magenta...  I took them over to the beach for lunch, then off to the local quilt shop to pick out a new work table, which just happened to be on a great sale.  Nice full day, ending with a visit from two new tenants, painters, for the industrial park!  YEAAA, I foresee an arty community happening some day-  wouldn't that be great?  Now it's pouring rain so I will get myself home.

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