Monday, December 21, 2009

The Second Last Day, with a Menu

Sweater scraps make this wreath, isn't it cute?  I believe it's felted scraps
from thrift shop sweaters, cut into circles and strung on a wire hanger.

I am donating to Whole Foods (!), have a few things ordered for tomorrow afternoon when I hopefully will have a car that starts on command!  If not, it's Chinese food for Christmas Eve.

Salad greens with tiny crabcakes and lemon vinegrette
Crown Roast of Pork with apple and pork stuffing and apple cider gravy
Crispy scalloped potatoes
Green beans with pignolia nuts
Fall fruit pie with creme fraiche

All leftovers have to leave with the family, no unnecessary ingredients will be bought!  Right now there isn't even a jar of mustard in the refrigerator back home-  this will be an adventure in cooking, for sure.

One more post tomorrow, then we fly back to Boston for a family get-together.  And HERE is the Horror-scope following me there---
You know there will be hard work ahead of you, but you might not be ready to start just yet. Part of the difficulty is that you don't necessarily know what you want to do about a current situation because it feels as if everything is going to change very soon. Forget about making long range decisions now; just concentrate on the day-to-day activities and do whatever you can to improve your current circumstances.
Doesn't sound like much fun, does it?   And it's right, as usual.  And I am going home to cook to 'improve the current situation'.  Sigh.

One more thing-  today's dinero goes to Doctors Without Borders,  to help support the amazing jobs they do.  (You didn't really think I'd stop at Whole Foods, did you?)

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Stella said...

Merry Christmas, Sandy!