Thursday, December 03, 2009

Three Books Left

Remember, these are free, and I only have to tomorrow to get rid of them for my 25 Days of Christmas pledge*.  Claim them now!  No catches, no perpetual email barrage, no cart, no paypal!  

The Fiberarts Book of Wearable Art.  Katherine Duncan Aimone

Artists' Journals; Sketchbooks, Exploring and Creating Personal Pages.  Lynn Perrella

Collage Art, A Step-by-Step Guide and Showcase.  Jennifer L. Atkinson  (this is the one with my elbow)  GONE TO A WORTHY HOME

UPDATE:  Thanks Diane-  it will be in the mail tomorrow (or the next day), but let it be known that this is a fabulous book that has a whole chapter with **me** as a featured player- and in spite of putting on my best make-up and arty-est rings, the photographer only got my elbow!  You should have seen all his trunks of stuff and three of us crammed into my tiny studio getting the pictures!  And the book has turned out to be a classic on all sorts of collage, you won't be sorry.  But then again why would you be sorry, it's free!  Duh.

* I am giving away a 'thing' a day for 25 days.  You may as well be the person who GETS a thing a day!  These only take me to Dec. 4th, and I have to get on with it so please, grab a book-  I have the mailing envelopes all ready, just need your address.  


Diane Wright said...

Okay. How about Atkinson at your elbow?

In the spirit of giving away...I pass it on. And I'm going to my studio to follow suit in giving away.

Diane Wright
695 Podunk Road (yes, it's really a word)
Guilford, CT 06437

Kathy said...

Was going to jump in and request the Lynn Perella book til I checked my shelves..... Never mind. I'll just watch quietly from my corner said...

Hi Sandy, Is the Artist Journals book still available? I'd like to see that one. LMK.