Thursday, December 03, 2009

Book Chance is Over

 ummm, Christmassy, ain't it?  Maribou feathers and dingle balls, how festive.

The books are gone, tomorrow is the fourth and I got all four adopted in time.  Now I have to think of what tomorrow will bring, or more appropriately, LOSE.  I have one idea but we will have to see if the recipient will accept without protest.  I hate protest.

Thanks to all who wanted my extra books-  I am glad they are going to some good homes.  If you don't keep them, make sure they get re-adopted to worthy book collectors.   Thanks!

1 comment :

Stella said...

I'll take something . . .just not the marabou dingle reeve that you show the picture of. Something quilty . . .or are you done giving?

I usually stop in every couple of days and read whats been written but I missed out on the books, cest la vie.

Jo in MN