Friday, January 08, 2010

Creative Observation

Nothing exists until or unless it is observed. An artist is making something exist by observing it. And his hope for other people is that they will also make it exist by observing it. I call it 'creative observation'.     William S. Burroughs

I like this, never knew anyone named it though, so I'm adopting it as my own.  Like I found it on the street.  Actually it was in my Richard Genn 'Painters Keys' newsletter today.

So, 'Creative Observation' today is the latest incarnation of the dratted golf quilt.

Aaackkk.  Yes, I KNOW it is boring, I KNOW it is literal, I KNOW it ain't got that swing.  But remember it's not really 'mine', it is commissioned by five of those guys above who *think* on a different planet than I inhabit.  So I showed it to one of them who shall remain nameless- lets just call him, oh I dunno, how about NEGATIVITY MAN, and his comment was that he wished his shirt wasn't so billowed out in the wind.  I know if all of them could comment it would all be about their shoes or their putters or the sun being too bright on their face and on and on like a (dare I say) bunch of old women.  Oh, the white lines are just guides for my hand stitching and they come off when I finish the grass and shadows-  several more hours here at that, then more time trying to figure out how to tweak it to being something someone would actually hang!  I sure wouldn't as is!  (Isn't it cute how they all coordinated their clothing?  And yes it billows because this day it was blowing like a hurricane and it was so cold I couldn't even hit the button on my camera without looking-  all feeling in fingers was lost!)  Again, it's printed on muslin with the digital ground which sure enables lovely color but a terrible touching surface unless you you need a little exfoliation.

Met a new kindred soul right here in town yesterday!  She was a SAQA member new in the area and searching around for people, things, and sources so I called to meet her and we have sort of lead parallel lives.  I love having someone around here who I can 'play' with occasionally.  When one doesn't talk golf in a golf community it's kind of isolating.  Yesterday Rayna arrived too, but we are trying to make a plan and already she is talking about not being able to do something because she has to leave!  We have to talk her into longer stays here, have to present all the fun stuff to do and, most important, have to get the friggin temperatures out of the 30's so there is reason to be here!  Right about now New Jersey is looking fine to her because she knows where the coats are back there!

Why do I feel responsible?  Oy.

So, it' already almost 9 and I am hanging around not working.  Lettuce prey that all the iguanas die a natural death in these cold environs and that problem is taken care of.  Gotta think positively.  More later-  maybe the key to making the golf quilt work, who knows.

Of course if I could eat some carbs I would be flying through this problem with a happy brain.

(I know, I know!  The answer is CARBS!)

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