Monday, January 11, 2010

All Day, phew!

The day started out OK, my buyer came and paid me for two pieces and walked out after a cup of tea to celebrate.  So I packed up Studio Dog and off we went to conquer more fabric and bark at every UPS truck in the neighborhood.  The Glamour Shot:

I resisted going to work yesterday, even though Sunday is my favorite day to be there with the Christian rock group loudly practicing next door, but it was so cold I couldn't even venture outside and knew the studio had it's heat off.  So I couldn't put off the inevitable today and off I went.  Actually it wasn't as bad as I imagined-  it was 54 when I got there and a balmy 60 within just a few short hours (!).  I worked with my gloves on for those hours, and the pashmina wrapped up to my ears.  Hell-  who would have thought I needed a fur coat here?  If iguanas were furry I'd be wearing one of those.  (Today in the Wall Street Journal there was a picture of a huge dead one showing that the excess days of cold have gotten to them.)  I am thinking of investing in a Snuggie to wear, but might have to get two and wear them like they put on jonnies in the hospital-  one forwards and one backwards.  And some Uggs.  Ugh.

Me, cold.

When I arrived, this was what I started with-  this is the baby quilt for the new grandson, due any minute.  I know, it's not very baby-ish, but these are the specified colors and I only want to do what will be used, hopefully used to shreds!  So thankfully I am still working off the thousands of yards of shot cottons from Kaffe's first fabrics.  I absolutely LOVE these fabrics and use every last morsel.  Some colors I have duplicates of, but if you just turn them sideways, they change to a new color!  Lovely, soft, earthy colors perfect for the land of salt marshes and winter beaches and fields plowed under that the new baby will grow up around.

After hours and hours of straight sewing, this is what it tuned into, many groups of strips.  Tomorrow I'll sew the groups together, then can start cutting out shapes once I get the new 'fabric' pieced.

Here is the central panel of the dancing Chinese boys, cut off a pillow cover that was a present from Sylvia a long time ago and the colors are perfect.  I hope he turns into a 'dancing boy', though chances of him being Asian are pretty remote, with a life full of joy.

And I have the Plan for finishing off the commission piece below.  But you can't see it yet, just the threads because I know that probably forty of you are going to copy it off my site and blow it up and make your own and enter it into some major show that just loves golf quilts.  Right?  And I know who you are.  

(I'm not serious.)  Sigh.

Tomorrow is another day, a day to spend the first half knitting.  Hope I can pick up where I left off, but it's that damn Habu sweater with the Japanese directions.  What was I thinking using #2 needles...

UPDATE, I just read the Horror-Scope for today and it's this:

You may have all kinds of big ideas about how you can express yourself today. You want to be magnificently creative in your actions, but it could be inappropriate if your responsibilities need to come first. Transform your frustration into productivity because you'll have the greatest positive impact on your own self-esteem now by attending to unfinished business.
Whew-  Guess I did what I was supposed to!  Good news. 


Mary Beth said...

I know that probably forty of you are going to copy it off my site and blow it up and make your own and enter it into some major show that just loves golf quilts. Right? And I know who you are.

LOL another great plan shot to hell and back.

Deanna said...

That is quite a glamor shot of Molly. Love it, AND the fabulous colors in the baby quilt. Hope it warms up soon.