Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Don't know when I'll be Back A-Gain!

Just a final note before I board because I have nothing else to do!

I had a very bizzy studio day yesterday.  I went to my usual Tuesday meeting and met a new woman who was quite anxious to see my 'workspace'.  So, I trucked her over because I had to grab the binding fabric that I had forgotten anyway, and another carload of women followed us. The place is a horrid mess, stuff strewn everywhere in my frenzy to get pants fixes and the quilts both at a folding point, but I grabbed a log of quilts and tossed them on the only empty space and unfurled them for the gals to see what the HELL it is I do.  The woman I brought over with me was dumbstruck-  seems that my friend who was telling her about my space never bothered to mention I was an artist so she didn't know what to expect!

Fortunately she was very interested (while the other women milled around noticing my bowl of candy and my shelf full of old tablecloths so they had something to comment on!) and had served on the board of her local art museum many years before.  She didn't know diddly about quilts but was thoroughly interested and wanting to know more.  Gratifying!  The other women milled themselves right back to the door with their cheeks full of my best sugar-free stuff, and were looking for escape permission.  I quickly gave it and they scurried back out to return to their matched living rooms and coordinated untouched dining rooms.

Every once in awhile someone gets it!

So I went home to pack feeling happy and got in just in time to grab the phone.  It was a guy who TY knew from the cigar store who had seen my website and wanted to come over and see the studio!  Seems his wife is tied into quilting somehow, has  family collection and is interested so he wanted to bring her over.  So I started giving them direction but they were already there!  TY and I blasted over and opened up the messy disorganized studio yet again!  Interesting people, and she too was into my work, even though all that was visible was the unrolled log from earlier- about 10 pieces, mostly older work.  We left with a plan to get together again when I return.  It's amazing how things all happen in a pile when you are least prepared and least open to it!  Another life lesson.  I wonder if it means I should always keep the place a mess, never go there, not have work ready to view, and have thread all over the floor to leap up and cling to people's pants!   Something to think about.  

And one last note- Chinese food last night and the fortune TY opened said 'You would be a good lawyer'. Must have been a very old cookie.

I go now, got my govt issued ID in my hand. S


Maxine said...

From experience . . . visitors LOVE coming into a messy studio because many are interested in the process. Artists who open their doors as is and are willing to talk about what they do . . .over the long run . . do much, much better than those who spiff up the space so much people can't get a clue what they do . . .

Mary Beth said...

hey scurried back out to return to their matched living rooms and coordinated untouched dining rooms

This made me laugh very very hard. It was thinking stuff like this that probably made me stop going to guild meetings. I was like - "this thing you're talking about is a brand of molding? ok..."

See? I come here just for the sense of normalcy.