Friday, January 29, 2010

Another one without pictures-oops I added some

But later today you can betcha I will have pictures!  Last night at 10:30 my new little grandson was born.  I have only talked to him on the phone and he rudely yelled in my ear, so later today he gets a little grandma discipline about that.  His name is Elias James, which I love.  He had an Assyrian great grandfather (did you know TY is Assyrian?) named Yeglia which is a version of the name though I don't think that was the reason.  We were told only that it started with an 'E' as she left for the hospital so spend several hours throwing out 'E' names with the other grandparents.  His mom is doing well, did the whole thing without drugs and was a trouper.  I will get to the hospital to meet him soon, just have to get my hair dry since the temperatures are now in the single digits.

(You might notice he is ever so much cuter than the average baby!)

I spent a fun day with Hazel, the 2 year old sister, yesterday.  She is good humored and funny and about as cute as a 2 year old can be.  We have a definite sock issue-  she can't seem to keep them on so there are wee socks all over the house.  I can't much understand her since I haven't been around to know her words for things but gradually we are becoming pals.  I am anxiously awaiting a name from her, like a merit badge for grandmas apparently.  I'm new at this and don't get many of the parts yet.

Over on the SAQA list they are having a little discussion about who 'needs' a blog.  Some people think they have to have one to be professional, my feeling is that I have one to keep me from being professional!  Back in the mid-nineties I did my own website with the help of twenty thick books and a 6 week class at Cambridge Adult Ed to be 'professional' but even that I screwed around with until it was colorful and chatty and opinionated- it suited me just fine.  That was before blogs were much around.  Then I hopped on that plan and actually paid a hosting fee until I figured out I could type for free and have been doing that for 900 posts now.  Sporadically.  Why do I have a blog?  To entertain myself, to journal, to have something up that is renewed even if it is just a bitchfest, not to be confused with breakfast, which is usually when I do this.  Yes, sure I get crumbs in the keyboard and coffee spilled on the desk.  My life is as messy as my syntax.

So, I don't market my stuff either on the website or on this blog.  I didn't mean to sell anything out of the Open Studio either, mostly I did it to just show people what I do every day all day while they are playing golf or tennis or shopping the Worth Ave boutiques.  Occasionally I post work, but it's usually progress reports and working out problems, not meant to 'sell' either my ever changing techniques or the quilts themselves.

I approach my work as a practice- like a yoga.  It's all about the journey, not about the destination because who knows where one will end up?  How boring to make a plan and follow it!  I make an loose outline in my head, use soft erasable brain pencil and have lots of additional imaginary paper and big assumed erasers at the ready so I can change horses in every stream I get to.  Sometimes, when I fall off one of those horses I abandon the stream by wading out,  Sometimes a wildebeast comes along and I grab hold of his tail.  Sometimes I spit and sputter and go down for the second time with the rapids coming up but I have always saved myself in my adventures. I am a legend in my own mind.  (I am saying this with a fat grin so never ever take me seriously.)  And thanks for reading this- wish you were here to help me celebrate the new baby!  We need to eat cheesecake!


Karoda said...

can i just give you a cyber high five?! every attempt i make at reading books on "art/marketing" are never eye-opening but leave me cold and begging the question "why?" the need to be "on" 24/7 as a "professional" artist is overkill and shows up insecurities. i'm probably being too critical here, but i just really wanted to share how thrilled i am to meet someone who is all about the practice of art then the will it help me sell. thanks

Karoda said...

and congrats on being a grandmama!

Terry said...

Wish I was there too. Congratulations on your new grandson! We will have a new one in August--won't know if it is he or she for a few more weeks. I'm sure you know how I feel about blogging by the "rules". Bahhhh. I want to see your new shoes and your new grandchildren every time. Oh, and I want to see your art too.

Cheers! You can have my share of the cheesecake.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I enjoy your blog and if it were sanitized and generic, what would be the point? And yeah-- cute cute baby, too!


Maxine said...

Let's put it this way . . . guess which artists blog I read on a daily basis, which I look forward to . . . and which I forward to my friends. Your blog is well written, informative and always interesting. And it does a very, very good job of informing me about your process and your work without being self promotional or too, too . . . (fill in the blanks!)

When I was booking teachers I hired you every chance I could . . . when I was jurying I was always thrilled when your work went up on the screen . . . and your blog reinforces my conviction that you are one of the best.


Mary Beth said...

I have been blogging since blogger really was pup. A few guys and a girl in a garage. I enjoy doing it. If people enjoy reading it great. If not fine. I enjoy reading blogs where the person shows a point of view and themselves. Like this one.