Friday, January 01, 2010

Problem Solved

See previous posts for whining if you care, but the iron issue is solved!  Now peeps, write this down because it's INVALUABLE Secret Information!

This doesn't work:

It's the good Kosher stuff, and I tried it with brown paper bags, with freezer paper, and with waxed paper.  I worked and worked and all I got was hot salt.
So, then I went here with the dryer sheets.  I didn't have any that were used as I was told to use them, so I grabbed 6 or 7  and rubbed and rubbed to no avail.  Now maybe used ones work better, but I can't imagine  that's so.  Stop me if I'm wrong.


OK, I also learned that taking pictures of white stuff on white backgrounds isn't the best illustrative tool- trust me these are dryer sheets, as yet unused.

I used the waxy stick tht I bought a long time ago for the specific iron cleaning purpose.  Didn't dent my gunk.

Next I crumpled up brown paper bags and then tinfoil to scrub the surface.  Didn't work.

 Vinegar and OOO steel wool:

And these two were also suggestions that I thought I would save for last because they are greasy and messy-  I never got to either so can't vouch that they work or don't work:

I did have both on hand to check, as you probably do too.
Goo Gone and WD40, the savers of my bacon so many times!

Then against my better judgement I tried a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser that I had lying around for a couple of years.  Nothing happened, so I spritzed it with my spray bottle and tried again:

See the dirty edge there on the right?  That's where the magic eraser just simply wiped away the whole gooey mess, no scrubbing, no fuss, no use of deep elbow grease or even steel wool.  Just a swipe and lookee here:

A-OK!  Write home about it!

And here's a clearer shot to show you it's shiny again!

Oops, that isn't gunk, that's just the super reflective clean sole plate!  So friends and countrywomen, hike on down to your grocery store stat and grab you a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Who knew!  Now we all do!


jpsam said...

Wow! You're a genius! And I've got one of those Mr. Clean things. Now to just remember...

Rayna said...

I'll have to stock up in Fla, since I can't find the things in my local supermarket.

Deb said...

I've been watching those commercials with skepticism. Thanks for the tip.
You should write to them - the least they could do is send you some fat coupons!

My tip - never spend more than 9.99 on an iron! I've had two Proctor Silex Caldor specials (the oldest 6.99) since the 80s's, and I iron, I really do!