Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Being a Bore

The secret of being a bore is to tell everything.  

Ummm, guess this is pertinent for me, isn't it?   So from now on, just read every other paragraph-  you'll still get more than you bargained for by clicking into the muse-less meanderings.  With apologies for all future transgressions, cause you know there will be many.

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Slow start in the studio today-  had to do an airport run to pick up a niece/cousin for our aunt and uncle who were otherwise engaged.  We had a Starbucks stop and then I hit the concrete floor here with fingers flying to get this thing put together.  The top is done now, ready for some applique which I can do at home if need be.  I am hoping to get the layering done tomorrow so it will be suitcase ready for it's trip to meet it's baby.  Baby, btw, seems to be quite disinterested in meeting anybody.  Like his daddy said, 'he hasn't found the exit yet'.  Good-  gives me more time!  So, here it is with side borders and all blocks sewn.  I am leaving off the top and bottom border stripes for now too-  don't like the proportions with them so maybe they will never go on.  Sue me.

The pocket will go on the back, the orange polka dot fabric has been scraped (boo hoo)  because I needed a sun in the center now that it's about planets.  I am also thinkin' it needs a black hole-  something to drag it around with...  jury is debating, time to decide on that over the next few processes.  The actual next photograph will be the finished one so you have about seen the end of it.

Next I am going to revisit Swamp Thang (wt) and get that moving.

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