Monday, January 18, 2010

Dangerous Ground

The most dangerous thing that can happen is getting 'married' to your first idea-  no matter how cute, you can't trust them and there is always a better one around the corner!

I've been going steady with the 'idea' behind this baby quilt- the landscape colors from the ocean and salt marshes around the baby's future home town.  Not that these aren't simply lovely, what the mom requested, and will 'go' in his new room.  But one day I found the panel of Japanese boys and added that in- that made me wonder if the first plan was the right one-  did I want to 'marry' it?  Ummm, not really, but it was comfortable and compatible.

So today I have been sewing blocks together, all bias edges so it gives me plenty of time to see each one.  Ugh.  All the time I have been thinking about what works in the center-  my two choices were the polka dot orange Japanese fabric that made a wonderful beach ball for the boys, or the blue tie dye pocket off his grandfather's shirt from the 60's.  Two good choices but bothwere too much like the nice guy who sat next to you in class that you would never get involved with because he was too good a pal.  Or too short.

Today I took the 'beach ball' off the wall and have decided that playing with beachballs is fun but very  temporary.  This baby has a future that is bigger than that-  he needs to play beachball with larger concepts so the focus now is

Playing Beachball With the Planets

And that is what I am doing today- cutting out 9 planets and placing them around the landscape with a very unscientific method.  This will give him something to contemplate years from now as he wonders what the hell Grannie Panties was smoking when she made his baby quilt.  So far today:

Today I gave up a (fun) girl's trip down to Palm Beach to work on this and vacuum the bugs out of this place. I also moved my work tables further apart and put the sewing table in the center of them which is a much more spacious arrangement- now the cutting table is on my right, the ironing table on my left, both within easy reach. Molly continues to follow me whenever I take a step in any direction fulfilling her duty as official foot warmer.  It's amazing I haven't squashed her yet.  I'm going to try to finish a few more blocks before I leave today- would love to get by the center panel and get that sewn into place.  My Big Goal is to have the top done before I go back to Boston- I can do the quilting there.  OK, back to work-  I think I am 'engaged!  

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Mary Beth said...

oooooo! i don't even care if they are planets or not - love the repetitiveness of the circles spinning around above the surface of the top. Aren't you glad you kept going?