Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And today:

It appears that you have everything under control and your positive approach to the day enables you to accomplish a lot at work. But negativity lurks just beneath the surface and can throw your plan into turmoil. Don't complicate an interesting conversation by talking about your emotions. For now, stick with the facts to keep it simple.
Okey Dokey, simple it is.  As soon as I get the four sets of sheets untangled from each other and out of the dryer where they have been fermenting for three days, wet and wrinkled and fused into a ball.  Now I will re-wash and dry them, make up the beds so they are ready for any of you who happen by and need a place (remember the three day limit!).  Seems TY tried to wash them all at once and then dry them all at once and couldn't figure out why they weren't getting dry...  After he picked me up at the airport last night he was telling me *I* had to call the appliance guy to find out why the dryer isn't working!  He thinks any form of housework is genetically instilled in women only, even after 36 years of yammering.

Amanda sent me the photographers pictures last night-  and they are wonderful.  I am posting my two favorites just because I never could get a good one of Hazel.
I was just out of range when thie was being taken and I was a nervous wreck he was too cold, too uncomfortable! He is having his first lesson that there is a price to pay for 'cute'.  And this photograph I am sure will be one of his mom and dad's favorites forever.

I love this one even over a better picture of both of their faces, but shows Hazel's curiosity and care for her 'beebee' and just melts my stone cold heart.

But back to BizNiz now:
I am in the studio unpacking my Pro Chem order and my American Scientific order.  The little tomato pitcher is no where to be seen-  have to get on that hunt before that money is gone too.  I have lots to do, many irons in the fire, and a birthday party for a friend at lunch time.  I promise that this blog will get back to work now-  give me a transition day and an unpacking day and all will return to normal!  Maybe.  

I think I forgot to mention my field trip yesterday with my crit group to the Fuller Craft Museum to check out this 'Crossroads' show.  I snapped this picture with my phone as we went down the stairs into it, then saw the 'no photographs' sign on the wall.  Ooops.  Last show I was there for allowed them and I was just not paying attention this time.  So, I just blurred out the art (that's why it doesn't look like anything you'd expect from Nancy!)  and left the big sign at the entry-  hope no one gets on my case for that.  Here is Sylvia wandering around:

The show was beautifully hung and quite a visual experience to see this whole room full of these rods and stripes.  Beyond this room was a second room with work I liked much more-  mostly monoprints and silkscreens (I think, whatever, they were multiples of the same prints.)  If you are anywhere in the area, do stop by and see this show-  it's very interesting in the long continuum of her work.  I did get a kick out of her descriptions of the monoprints, talking about substrates and paint particulars and all.  Basically what she had were what we used to call finger-paints- paint manipulated on a table and then printed.  But her description of her process went on for two paragraphs.  Artspeak.  Or, as another Nancy calls it, 'BBB', which stands for 'Bullshit Baffles Brains'.  But the show was interesting and I know there was a waiting list there for her class.  I do have to admire her in-person direct approach where she calls a spade a spade as she sees them.  Wish her writing had the same candor.  

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