Monday, February 08, 2010


The Sun's harsh connection with controlling Pluto can push you to say something that you may not really mean. You could be frustrated by other people's inability to follow through on what they promise, provoking an angry outburst. Luckily, saying what's on your mind can suddenly release tension, leading to a clearing of the air. Nevertheless, don't hesitate to apologize for an inconsiderate choice of words.

Oh WHATEVAH.  *I am sorry for my unfortunate choice of words*, areyouhappynow?

Age is a very high price to pay for maturity--Tom Stoppard 

Nice to know I must not be old yet.

OK, I have another minute before I must move on so I will post some stuff I wasn't going to because it's so redundant or just plain bad.  Here is Bucket-Head Hazel moving at the speed of light.  She is the epitome of being two.

Next she was actually trying to hold still saying 'cheese' and all, but even that meant she had just slowed down slightly and reached warp speed.  

And finally, the finished quilt.  It is meant to be serviceable, not a show piece so it is fairly simple with no dangly bits like I seem to favor.  Someday Elias will get a dangly one worth a gazillion, and he can sell it and put his kids through college. Or not.

Now I can leave this state in a 'state of grace' because I have done everything I was hoping to do, except spend time knitting on the friggin Japanese sweater.  I am thinking that project might be better served in another life, and am simply grateful that they were so expensive I didn't order TWO.  

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Rayna said...

Aw - the kid will love it. Someday. I'm waiting for Shmooey to arrive and will then think about a quilt. OTOH...I have one I made for his or her mother and he/she might have to make do with that for a while. Hardly used.