Friday, February 05, 2010

Back by Popular Demand

I love this picture of Elias at one week old, staring straight at the camera, unfortunately just the iPhone, not the real camera because it decided to lose it's LED screen now of all times.  I tried twenty times to get a picture of Hazel but all I get are color blurs so I am hiking back up to Ipswich again to see if I can try one more time.  If this doesn't work I will just wait till next time I come home and bring the Big Camera.  Ugh, I hate toting that thing around.

My  2 week visit to the frozen north is winding down.  I'm cleaning out the refrigerator this weekend, trying to get the closet emptied out of things I will not or can not wear any longer, letting my son use our washer and dryer if he brings me take-out dinners, and spending every spare minute taking advantage of sales.  Most are over and the winter stuff is pretty picked over, but today I hit it big again at my favorite store in Concord.  They were having a huge sale on some very expensive clothes, my favorite babette stuff to be exact, so I grabbed everything I could.  It was a cash only deal so at one point I had to race across the street to the bank to stock up!  Told the teller about it and she practically put up her 'closed' sign to join me!

Actually the shopping spree was secondary to getting to the DeCordova Museum to see their biennial show that just went up.  There was some interesting stuff, but I do have to say I was underwhelmed for the most part.  I wish it would have been warmer to spend time in the outdoor sculpture park but inside should also be entertaining, right?  We went through and I really liked a series of large collages on the second floor by Kerin _____  (I'll have to look it up, sorry.)  then thee were som paintings by ______ Mir (?) that captured me-  large scale imaginary landscape that somehow resembled paint-by-numbers because of the flat painted areas.  They were assembled from images in photographs, the internet, magazines and newspapers-  again, collaged.  Interesting that I would pick those two artists from all that were represented- must be where my head is at these days so I will take it this is the whack on my head to do something about it.  ?    OK!

Seems like everything in this condo is going to hell in a handbasket right before my eyes.  I opened the medicine cabinet the other day and it fell off it's hinge-  who in hell fixes a medicine cabinet?

Had to write on it in lipstick to keep people away!

Then there is the huge pile of old quilts I don't want to deal with any longer.  What does one DO with old art?

A cabinet maker set my homasote into a track on the brick wall above and below.  It's held up for a decade now but last night I was pinning the baby quilt on it to block it and the top came out of the track.  Any second now it will crash down across the room so I have moved my machine off the table to protect it.  Who in hell fixes stuff like this?  It's way too heavy for me because it's been mounted on plywood too.

No picture but my construction collages, made of the dumpster photos have all found their way out into the world now, leaving a line of nails and broken plaster in my hall way where I had them displayed.  It has to be fixed and painted-  what a bother.

The disgusting tangle of cords behind my tv that need to be dealt with.  WHY do we have to have this rats nest, anyway?  Why can't we just plug it in with one cord?  And why doesn't my tv work when I press one button on one remote-  what do I need three remotes for?

And finally-  is THIS the wardrobe of a 32 year old man?  Yup.  He brought me dinner last night, Blue Ribbon BBQ to be exact, in exchange for using my washing machine but we were both tired and the stuff wasn't dry so he had to come back tonight to pick it up.  I took it from the dryer and am shocked at what my grown son's wardrobe consists of-  shredded teeshirts mostly in gray, occasionally broken by one in superwashed breton red with smart ass 'ironic' writing on it.  Please note that this guy has a good job but I don't know where he fits-  He certainly isn't white collar, he isn't blue-collar because he has a masters (OK, so it's like mine, kind of a fake because it's in art-  except his is in advertising!).  I guess he is GRAY NO-COLLAR.  Whatever,  I want you to know I did not match up his socks because I am retired from mommy-ing.  

Anybody know of a good handy man?     Your friend,


Stella said...

New, tiny Elias looks like he is
SMILING on my monitor. What a handsome guy!

Jo in MN

Diane Wright said...

Gotta love the direct, even look of baby Elias...looks very knowing, indeed.

Rayna said...

omg- too cute!! Love that expression on his face.