Saturday, February 06, 2010


I am getting anxious to go home to my little wild-life sanctuary here-

This is a hapless snail that crawled up the window of the patio door during the night.  There are others that crawled up the walls and then stayed put.  Some have gotten up halfway and fallen back to the ground.  Others have petrified in place.

Stupid snails, where did I put the garlic???

Next morning, Sunday. What a bright day out there, while so much of the country is under snow. I know because I have the tv on and I am actually home for the morning- a new experience not to be racing out. My goal is to wipe the closet clean, get rid of every darn thing that doesn't fit, no waffling! Then tomorrow I will haul it all to Goodwill- I simply can't take the time to clean and hang and get it into consignment because I just don't want to see it when I come back here in a few months. This stuff is all so old, yet someone can use it somewhere- just gotta get it out there to them.

Found a drawer of Old and Crappy cashmere sweaters I might try to re-purpose but I am trying to NOT make more projects for myself, especially after setting myself up to make 100 alphabet blocks (enough so the Little Family can spell stuff, not just pile stuff.) By the time I finish they will be well on their way to spelling I am sure. BTW, yesterday I went ti Ipswich armed with the name I am going to pass myself off as- 'Grandy'. It seems to be a good combo of grandma, which is what the other grandma is being called, and Sandy. Other than images of the old Archie school teacher (or was she Grundy?), it seems to fit. So I walk in and Hazel greets me with "Hiiiiiiiii Gramma!" Hope I'm not too late.
PS.  It was 'Grundy', Geraldine Grundy actually, so I am safe.

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