Friday, February 19, 2010

The Ends of the Stories

So, I bought a tin of some pumpkin/chipotle pesto as an extravagance because I can slather it on my vegetables-  spent way too much on it but it came in a cute reusable tin-  gour-may stuff by a new artisanal company based in Brooklyn.  But I got it home and the tin had leaked a bit and because it was oily I could NOT get it open.  I fought with that thing for an hour, cleaned off the oil, used rubber grippers, hit it with a hammer-  still it was closed tight.  Finally I was able to wrestle it open-  it had formed a vacuum and it sucked the top to it tighter with each of my attempts.  I stuck the pesto in a tupperware and decided to contact the URL on the top to complain because I will never buy it again because of the stupid time I had opening it.  This morning I had an answer from the gal who started the company, Laurie, apologizing and offering to mail me more in different flavors!  Well, duh, can you send a strong guy with a tool belt to open it for me?  She said that it will arrive frozen and there won't be a problem opening a frozen one.  I am so happy because the pesto tastes darn good and I want to buy more flavors to try, and here is Lauren trying to do the right thing and make up my terrible time with her cute little tin!  All I really wanted was to let her know that the cute tin packaging  was problematic.  She also sent me a picture of her with Paula Dean and her husband at a food show where they met.  Lauren is very young and pretty, kind of weird she is so nice and trying to do good business too.  I hope this stuff becomes so popular she can't keep up with the orders!  But she does have to get a new tin.

A note here-  Paula and her husband are the spittin' images of my pal Teddy and her husband.  They even talk alike!  She is holding up Lauren's Pumpkin Chipotle Pesto in it's pretty little tin.  See the whole line here at Pestos With Panasche.

Yesterday my tomato creamer arrived on my driveway.  The guy in AZ was very helpful-  seems he never got notification of me buying it or paying for it, or indeed my email asking to please send the tracking number!  Finally eBay contacted him with my phone number and he called right away and sent out the pitcher the same day.  I haven't opened it yet, threw it in the trunk with the latest load o' stuff to haul over to the studio.  So, tomorrow when I do see it I will comment on his site.
Just opened the creamer, and I love it-  in better shape than the sugar bowl!  Here is my whole little 'set' I have cobbled together-  now hopefully somebody will stop by who wants coffee with cream!  And hopefully I will have the cream to put in it!  Maybe now I should go after a teapot too.  Oh well, if one crosses my path by accident I will reach out and grab it- no sense messing with synchronicity, because it WILL happen!

I mayt have to change the name of the studio to "Ganymede Lunch and Stitch".

My friend who used my design wall to block about half of the scarves she has made picked them up today and as thanks she gave me one-  the one I made the most noise admiring as we hung them on the wall!  ( The fourth from the left.) She has to go back up north tomorrow so I will block the rest before she comes back.  It may take me two passes because she has so many we ran out of room and pins the first batch!  

And I got a call from the real estate guy here who found another quilter for me to talk into living here.  Nice gal, and she came over to the studio to see the space, then told me she reads this blog!  What a shocker-  I thought I know everybody who reads it.  Do me a favor, leave a comment so I know who's in my house!  It's always nice to know who I am talking to.  Hope I didn't scare her away with my unorthodox ways of working...  we'll see.  And it was as always, nice to meet a new quilter.

We had my friend from home and her husband and a new acquaintance I met through the SAQA list over for dinner tonight.  I don't do this often of MY friends, usually it is TY's friends I cook for so this was fun.  But I am dragging tonight, I stayed away from my new espresso machine, instead I got into the wine.  Now I am tired and headed for bed.  

One of these days I'll get back to talking about my work.  


Kathy said...

OK, I'm here, checking in. Kathy in Michigan. Rayna can vouch for me that I'm a fairly reasonable person. I've been reading for quite a while and remember you from the old pre-quiltart days. The pumpkin pesto sounds great. Let us know the name so we can buy it too.

Terry said...

Ha ha. I read "tomato creamer" and envisioned a small machine that turns tomatoes into creamy tomato goop. Finally dawned on me what you were talking about.

cindysblog said...

I'm reading your blog through Google Reader - don't know if that shows up in your stats or not! I "know" you from QuiltArt!
Love reading about your life and your art - don't see how you can separate them!

PeggyB said...

My dear Sandy, I am the real estate guy's takes alot to scare me and that espresso machine might just do it.

I am ditch quilting as we speak....

Hope the zucchini was great.

Sandy said...

Dear Peggy- thanks for commenting- that isn't the espresso machine I bought, that's the one I REALLY want! All those pointy points- it absolutely looks lethal.

Glad you got in touch, and I sure hope you settle here- it would be nice to increase the fiber-people population! I don't think I told you but there is a nice guild that meets in West Palm too- very easy to get to. Also there are some smaller groups that meet around Jupiter but I am not in any of them- we will investigate together! Come back soon. And thanks for reading!

PeggyB said...

Yes well I thought that mine looking espresso thing was your first choice. Ir scarres the you know what out of me. I would love to be native in your area. Let me man the grill though you do the coffee. P