Sunday, February 21, 2010

Closing the Weekend

with a trip to Goodwill, out with the fat clothes.

And a trip to Saks for new stuff.  Easier said than done.  This means trial by fire trying stuff on and now I don't know my actual sizes so everything has to be tested.  I am finding out that some size 8 pants will not fit on one thigh, other size 8 pants hang on me like I am a famine victim.  Some tee shirts have to be 'S', others need to be 'XL'.  I am still fortunately the same size in shoes and purses, which of course I don't need to replace!  I've already been through TJMaxx and pretty much dismissed the sale stuff as being more worn out than what I am throwing away.  I've got a pile of things that might be salvaged with some nips and tucks at the studio too-  I just have to get to it.  And I have been to every consignment shop within my area picking at dead ladies stuff.  Yesterday I found a fabulous velvet blazer that fit to perfection for $35.  I want to change the sparkle buttons but it's a beautiful piece, not that I have any chance in hell of wearing velvet blazers.  I also got a satin jacket for $25 by Escada- such a deal- for when I am not wearing the velvet thing, the satin can fit right in!  This is the first year in all the time we have been here that I have even wanted a jacket.  Bet the temperature goes right back to normal now and I will be still up a creek in my floppy leftover fat clothes.  And did you REALIZE that there are no khaki pants out there this season?  All there are is gray and I need khaki.  Sigh

The other day when I came home I had a Mourning Dove by my pool, just one.  I came inside and checked on him a bit later and he had hopped on the raft in the pool and was riding around in the sun.  Pretty soon his wife joined him at the side of the pool and he waited for the raft to float back to her side where she too hopped on for a ride.  They both did the circle together and the raft hit the side and stopped long enough for them to get off.  Here they are, very proud of themselves for getting on the right ferry and getting off at the right stop.  They stayed by the pool for several hours and the Intrepid Watch Hund kept track of their every move just in case they had kibble robbery on their agenda.  

A Police Dog, who knew?

Tomorrow I start the week with another trip to Home Depot for stuff to build a frame for the marbelizing project.  Beverly is coming up to tutor me because it's been years...OK, it's been DECADES since I did any marbelizing on fabric.  Then I go to the studio and try to make some sense of all my piles of things in different states of  completion.  I also need to whittle away at some ideas I don't have time for because it seems I am too busy clothes shopping and doing other crap I don't want to do!  Also I must sign on for the drawing class, order a book for the girl-friend-in-law, return some phone calls, pay some bills, read the Sunday paper on Monday, and lay off the espresso!  And go to the gym, prepare healthy meals, and and and and.

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