Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Horror-Scope
Try not to let your preconceived notions get in the way of your happiness now, especially if you have convinced yourself that it's unwise to spend money on something that makes you feel good. Even if your finances are tight, treating yourself well can be an investment that will pay off. But this isn't a license to waste what you've earned; it's only an acknowledgment that you are worth more than you might give yourself credit for today.

Hahahahahaha!  I am a day ahead of it-  had a little retail therapy yesterday on my way home from the quilt show in North Palm Beach.  I couldn't spend much at the show because the vendors were mostly selling brown stuff, country themed things, and kitsch so I was immune to that siren's call.  Fortunately for me there is a good TJMaxx on the way home and even the threat of horrendous thunderstorms and a black cloud overhead the size of Luxembourg, I wasn't to be detoured!

I did have a grand time at the show though-  met Beverly-the-North there on her way out but she stayed a bit to show me her favorites and give the grand tour.  Then I hung around with Teddy and caught up with her for awhile and while walking around found the Other Beverly (Beverly-the-South) vending her hand dyes so we all had an aisle-clogging chat.  I love it when I can see people I know when wandering around these affairs.  Teddy was planning on coming to the studio but with the storm threat and not being able to leave as early as we had hoped, there wasn't enough time for her to stop on her state-long race for home.  We'll connect next time when we can really catch up.

And now for a semi-hysterical aside:  (Holy Crapola, there is a wasp-ish thing crawling up my wall the size of a prehistoric bird.  And I was just bragging the other day about how I hadn't seen any bugs since the beheading of the last remaining live-in cockroach months ago.)

Today I am trying out some edges and border fabrics on the Swamp Thang-  hopefully before the herd of Christians arrive next door to rock out.  The music is fine, but I really wish they were a few doors down so it wouldn't sound like they were practicing in my bathroom!  Anyway, when they arrive I have to leave so on Sundays I don't like to get too invested in a project that I can't drop quickly.  Borders are the call of the day.  I think I will finally be using some of my pile of vintage upholstery fabrics from so long ago because the colors are perfect for swampy things.  Like this:
Some good connections here, eh?

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Diane Wright said...

I'm very annoyed at myself for not scheduling the kid-fix/south trip to S. FL this month! I know Beverly South and Teddy (she judged my very first entry in Jacksonville and was very kind)...and would really liked to have purchased some of Bev's hand dyes. You did make me feel better with the "brown, country" description. Thank you for that.