Monday, February 01, 2010

Not too much

goin' on here.  I spend all my time trying to get some meals together for the little family but was halted abruptly when I realized I used the last drop of olive oil and had no butter.  Also I don't have any more onions and how in hell can anybody cook without onions?

But I managed to get a huge lasagna put together-  homemade sauce on a vegetable lasagna with eggplant (hence the lack of olive oil!) zucchini, and roasted peppers instead of meat.

 Looks pretty good, but I haven't tasted it because of my no pasta dictum.  Also got a tub of butternut squash and fancy mushroom risotto ready to go

and a batch of root vegetable chowder that looks and smells pretty good.

 I am having a little love affair with no-fat half and half-  it is so good and acts as cream so beautifully, I am using it wherever I would normally throw in real cream.  Don't know how they do it, don't care.  Don't tell me.

Many weks ago I was junk shopping- you can't keep a good girl down- and I found a fabulous little tomato sugar bowl which I filled with (yuk) Splenda for the studio.  I knew it was only half of a set and spent way too much time looking for the little tomato pitcher that matches.  No luck so I went on eBay, stuck in a few key words and whammo, there is was!  It should be waiting for me on my doorstep in Florida when I get back so now I can offer cream with my coffee in the studio.  Also I saw a tomato salt and pepper shaker set but didn't get it because the shipping was more than the asking price.  Good thing, because when I got back to MA, there it was in my cupboard, forgotten and abandoned!  Now it's headed back to the studio where I occasionally get a bit woozie and have to make up some tuna fish quickly.  Guess I should spend more time mining my own cupboards.

And one last picture since I emptied out the camera today-  Here is Nate holding his new nephew.  We had to grab the kid away, he seemed mesmerized by Elias' magnetism!  Hope he doesn't get any ideas any time soon.  Note they have the SAME HAIRDO!  (Fortunately Elias is facially hair-free still.)  Cute.  

I do want you to know I am faithfully working on the quilt-  I have the floppy stuff, the planets, appliqued down and the quilting done in the center panel so this morning I started a bunch of quilting-in-the-ditch lines to stick it together.  I'll finish this part up today or tomorrow and then it's just the binding left so I WILL finish it before I leave town!  If I stop blogging.  Back to work.  


Terry said...

I know you said not to tell you, but I think I must. That fat-free half and half is full of corn syrup! Yes, who knew? I thought I had found the secret to happiness with that stuff then I discovered its ugly secret. A sad day that was.

Sandy said...

I raced to the half and half container to check- my brand, from Hood, doesn't have corn syrup but is does have sugar, third ingredient on the list after milk and cream. The deal is I can't have sugar, so that's the end of that short happy affair. Damn. I simply cannot believe I hadn't checked this, so thanks for the heads-up! I'll check the Land o' Lakes brand when I get back to FL- that's what I bought before. Fortunately I haven't gotten into it- used it for the 'chowdah' and gave that away this afternoon.