Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Night

Stressed Little Girl in Super-Hero Cape

I spent th day at the hospital with the new grandbaby sleeping away like a trooper.  The other In-laws were there, the 2 year old was there and consented to a walk with me to see the babies but we got to the nursery window and all the babies were gone to their moms.  So we pilfered brochures from the family room  and looked at pictures of ducks (GUK!).  It was amazing how many guks are used in advertising and she found 'em all.  Right now Hazel has not much use for more babies in her circle-  she is feighning complete disinterest.  She arrives at the hospital in her own array of mental patient garb- furry pink boots and almost matching pink tights, a dress that probably fit several months ago, a cape in pink with a gigantic pink 'H' on the back, a huge purse with ever stuffed animal in Essex County packed inside, a coat she has to be coaxed into- you get the drill.  It would be embarrassing except for the fact that every other female kid on the unit is dressed in similar manner-  clothes buttoned and zipped on by dad, choices by the indignant big sister herself.

So, I stayed awhile until it became mom nap time, left and drove home again, I can't believe how much gas I am using this week- so far a whole tank and it hasn't been a four days yet.  Anyway, after I left the hospital today I headed for the supermarket and bought supplies to make a few dinners up for the freezer.  Since Jamie is a vegetarian and Hazel hasn't yet ben given any meat, I need to make thinga that are either fishy or veggie based.  I am making a root vegetable chowder, a vegetable lasagna with butternut squash and sauteed eggplants, and perhaps a mushroom risotto.  Of course I may have to resort to a Mac and Cheese version, but I will hold back on that till later in the week.

Later, Nate picked me up and we then headed to the airport to collect TY just in from FL in his lightweight summer raincoat.  I brought along a wool coat and scarf for him and away we went to Beverly Hospital to meet his grandson.  His first reaction was how handsome the baby is, then second statement, 'He looks JUST LIKE ME!'  This cracked us up because Amanda was saying earlier how the baby looks Armenian with his dark hair and eyes, as well as his wider nose.  The standard baby greeting to a new mother is something along the lines of 'Don't worry - they can fix his nose...)  Anyway, TY fell in immediate love with his infant doppleganger.  Nate was put in charge of baby-holding and it proved to be a natural skill.  These kids have a bunch of uncles, lucky kids.  Uncles are the best.

After an hour or so, we left and started driving around looking for a restaurant at 8 PM on a Saturday night.  We hit about six places and none had immediate seating so we would drive on in the bitter cold seeking first a parking place, then a seat inside but no one would have us.  Finally we found a few lamb shanks with chairs attached and grabbed seats.  I was over served in the wine department after a long and stressful day and so now it is home to bed.

Tomorrow I get to regroup and work on the quilt a bit.  I get to dance to TY's tune, whatever that may be, and then be rewarded by a dinner planned in advance at an available restaurant.  We call it 'reservations'.  I can't wait.

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