Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Got a phone call last night from a woman I used to teach with back in Wellesley, also an art teacher but now retired.  I ran into her in Bloomingdales last summer, right around the birthday we happen to share so we had a very quick catch-up conversation as we both were headed in different directions.  I was quite surprised to hear from her and she happened to be in the Boca so we made a date for this morning for her to be dropped off while her husband was in his Tai Chi class up in Stuart.  We had a great morning finding out where we have each been for the last 10 years and vowing not to lose touch so to ensure it, we are officially invited to their annual Fourth of July BBQ, and these are real transplanted southern folks with a Real Smoke BBQ set up ready to go!  I can't wait!  We went off to the studio for a bit to check around-  I had to hang my alum soaked fabric to dry so needed to go anyway.

She was very interested in what I've been up to and I was showing her my artists' books when I noticed one was missing.  I've looked everywhere and it is not around, I am very bummed-  it was the one I made with the bridges and all the bridge quotes, each page using a different transfer method.  I can remember TY showing it to a friend who stopped by but don't remember where he put it as we were leaving-  I turned the place upside down, finally had to get back to my friend so we could go to lunch.  Tomorrow I have to get there early to prepare for my 'interview' so will scour the second level of stuff, put things away and hope it turns up.  (I absolutely know no one would take it, assume it has been misplaced but in my heart I know I don't 'misplace' things, I sometimes don't know what I do with them into the wastebasket!)  Like the day I looked for my glasses all morning and found them in the refrigerator...  duh.  And for me, looking for my glasses WITHOUT MY GLASSES is a short trip to hell.

We went to the newest hot spot up in Tequesta, Hogsnappers, and it was wonderful.  No wonder we can't get near it at meal times-  the food is so good and so many choices, all unusual and many Jamaican and island items filled in with sushi and sashimi, arguably the best in town.  The ADA would have been proud of me-  lettuce wrap with teriaki chicken, cabbage, scallions, tofu, peanuts, and a fabulous spicy sauce.  By the time I finished I was sticky up to my elbows.   Can't wait to get back.

One of my friends was having a sale in her house today where she invites a few women in to sell lines of clothes and jewelry they make.  I was excited to get there because I need some new sweaters, made apparent to me by this very cold season.  It was fun to be able to fit in the 'M' samples too so I managed to force myself into just about every one.  No jewelry, though the gal who makes it had some wonderful offerings, but it was a bit tame and preppy for my neck.  I'm sure she is doing well enough without me this time.   Pearl, the live-in Westie was hopping glad to see me and growled at me when I tried to leave her immediate side, followed me with every step, and kept bringing me her toys.  She LIKED me, she really LIKED me... Now Molly is giving me the cold shoulder because I apparently changed my smell.

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Rayna said...

Well, I have just spent 1/2 hour reading a week's worth of your always-wonderful blog posts...back to the 18th, which was the double birthday, after which I have missed everything.

Congrats on the quilt sale, the new size 8's - yes, it depends on where they are made and how small the person is who makes them. Oh, where are the days when I was a Calvin Klein sample size 8???

Love the sugar and creamer and will put that restaurant in Tequesta on my list for next visit.

Anyway, glad to catch up with you.