Monday, March 29, 2010

Last Night, Today, and Maybe Tomorrow


But with an additional emphasis on your 9th House of Adventure, the proximity of pleasure won't likely stop you from dreaming of distant places and unreachable fantasies. Remember, it's not an either/or situation. Take the middle road and find a way to do both.

Funnily enough, there are two things I want to do, both involve travel up north, and a hassle to make it work.  I am booked on a flight to Philadelphia so I can go to the Art Quilt Elements opening.  Got a good flight for only $100, and a confirmation from some good friends that I an stay with them which I am really looking forward to.  The problem arises when one tries to get from Philadelphia to Boston- seems you can't get there from there!  Well, you can but it involves a layover of 6 hours in Detroit and a ticket price of $550, and that's the cheap seat.  Wish they would look at a map...  Anyway, I gave up on that, decided to rent a car, but that was another case of idiocy-  having to drive to Boston.  Finally I checked Amtrak and found a train that zips on through, is near my friend's place so I can get to it without problems, plus arrives at a decent time so I won't land in downtown Boston at O'dark thirty.  So, I am booked, and I will make the opening.  And all I have to do is mail the darn quilt out this week if I remember!

When we were in Sarasota we found a Mastadon we wanted to get for Hazel, a huge hairy thing but with sad eyes and two little tusks.  It brought a bit of a problem finding something equally cool for Elias but he's still kind of under the radar for presents so we got him a friendly looking dog.  Both these things are meant as floor pillows for a kid to lie on for a story or for a video.  The legs are weighted so they droop and flop when you wear them on your back.  They arrived today, no comment from Elias yet, but Hazel immediately stuck her's in her booster chair and fed it Cheerios:
And called it her Bubba Hair Elf.  I didn't get this until I realized that 'elf' is what she calls elephants.  Geesh, I adore 2 year olds!  

ON the Home Front, I completely ripped up the collage I finished the other day-  the gel medium looked awful, it formed white stains on the black border so I spent yesterday ripping it apart.  I don't have enough of the fabric to replicate it so I have a whole new plan going using some vintage blocks and my trusty redwork.  I don't know if I can 
                                                    make it work 
yet or not, am sort of confined by the size requirement.  So I am sitting here with an upset stomach about my gel medium stupidity... I was so sure... Fortunately, I am the luckiest woman alive and just this minute got an email that the entry date has been extended so I don't have to finish it right this minute.  

Instead I get to take a quilt home for my neighbor who wants to buy it.  Another quilt sold, Yahoo!  It pays for my trip to Philadelphia as well as my studio condo fees, and again I do not have to steal from the food money to do what I wanna do!  

And maybe by tomorrow I will get things figured out for the collage.   As they say, 
"Lettuce Prey".

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