Friday, March 26, 2010


Oops, gotta be quiet today!  The Horror-Scope says so:
...But it's not necessarily appropriate for you to share your personal issues, even if you have a lot going on.

The quilt shop called yesterday and I am to bring my WHOLE MACHINE in for The Guy to look at.  She thinks there may be something wrong with the whatchamacallit thing that holds the bobbin in place plus she has a new heavier-weight BSR spring for me.  So I was sewing along like a mad woman and all of a sudden it went clunk, not an encouraging sign.  I took the whole friggin thing apart and cleaned it up, the oil light was on so I dropped in my one allowed drop, I found one little trapped piece of thread and got out the needle nosed pliers to grab it, I brushed out assorted lint, wound a new bobbin, changed the needle, re-threaded the sucker, and cautiously sewed 3" when the whole thing seized up.  I turned it all upside down yet again and started over.  Three times I took it apart and fiddled here and there, three times I got it started again only to end up with ratty wads of thread under my work.  Finally, one last thought-  I changed the upper thread to a rayon thinner version and all worked like a dream.  So, I don't think it is necessarily something mechanical wrong, I think this stupid machine won't let me use the $$$ heavier weight top threads I adore.  But why could I use them for all the work I've done so far? 

Hmmm, I have a few pictures to post but Blogger seems to only want me to post pictures that are already on the blog!  What's up with that?  So, I guess you can't see my new collage, which I have renamed 'Curiouser- the one with the flamingos and rabbits'.  Sorry.  Looks like now I have to upload stuff to Picasa before I can put it on the blog, at least that's what appears to be the case.  If so, there will be many fewer images because frankly, the extra step is a major bore:
See?  Even Elias is bored.

But OK, now I have it figured out, sorry you failed to thwart  me this time, Blogger!  And here is 'Curiouser':

(the one with the flamingos and rabbits)
Next up I have to do something to hold it together, another bother.  The plaid around the edge is from a dress I had in sixth grade-  ummm, that was 1956 if you do the math.  I still remember it-  it had red piping and a white collar and real darts!  I felt so grown up with boobs, even if it was just a 'boob-bud illusion'.  My fear back then was that I would end up looking like my teacher, Miss Faltisco, who had huge pointy boobs.  Other than her over-the-top figure, she was a dead ringer for Annette so we watched her with much interest.  I think I wore that dress every other day for the whole year.  

Today it's raining, see the picture-proof out the car window, so I had to beg a ride to the studio so TY could have the car-with-the-roof.  I am at his mercy and will have to sleep here if he doesn't fetch me at some point, good thing I can make coffee.  I think I need my own car, one that also had a roof and an AC.  I don't care so much for a stereo system, just need my own transportation on a reliable basis, a passenger seat for Molly, and optional, a back seat to fill with junk.  It must be easy to get in and out of and have an iPod adaptor.  Other than that, no big requirements except a fabulous color, and maybe a comfortable seat.

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Rayna said...

Such vicissitudes! Hope The Guy can solve your machine's ills - or give you another one instead. Sounds like a lemon to me, but what do I know?

Where do you find your horrorscopes? And yes, it seems like a 3rd car in your household is a necessity.

Glad I'm not the only one who posts baby pix on my blog -- he is SO CUTE -- that picture made me smile.