Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Countdown, Eight Hundred and Ninety Eight

Yup, I am approaching 900 posts, who would have thought it back when I started?  I have to come up with some sort of celebratory 'thing' to mark the day, probably later this week at the rate I am going.

Today's Horror:
Your creative power is strong, enabling you to manifest your intentions without encountering too many obstacles today. Nevertheless, your success will still require a fair amount of effort on your part. But it's not about putting on a performance for anyone else; you must sincerely be committed to work for what you want now in order to achieve success.
Which isn't so bad-  I like the creative power part, and the lack of obstacles part.  Something I can work with if I can get at the studio today.  Yesterday was a rainy awful day so I started knitting on the hexagon module scarf, and got each unit time cut in half-  I knew that would happen and I knew that eventually it wouldn't be counted every stitch as I got that ole muscle memory going.  I love this yarn-  Jojoland 'Melody' which is a variegated wool going from browns through oranges and into deep reds.  Oh.  You remembered I said I was never going to knot with wool again since I don't have occasion to ever wear it anymore...  Well I saw this and was head over heels, and it was so soft, softer than Charmin even, and they had a sample knit up at the shop that was downright amazing.  And then it said to me:  sophisticated, arty, tactile and I was a goner.  Five skeins later I am busily making these hexagons on double pointed needles, another thing I hate but somehow these are not all slide-y and slippery and stay in their stitches until I move them off.  SO, for once, I am having a pleasant knitting experience.  Oh, it's a shawl, or rather, will be some day.  Or if I get bored, it's a scarf.

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