Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two More Posts (after this one)

Today my cleaning lady saw me at the computer and announced that Facebook is going to start charging $3 a month for usage.  That would be all I need to delete the bloody thing from my existence-  what is the draw?  I don't get it.  But even more than Facebook, I don't 'get' twitter.  What do I care what anybody thinks in 140 words or less?  Ashton Kucher?  WTF?  Why should I 'follow' anybody, least of all some lonely person who has to collect 'friends' to feel good about their numbers!  So, the question begs, Why is Ashton Lonely?  And who cares?  Perhaps he needs some new friends because he pun'ked all the old ones.  And why am I even writing about this...  And why am I taking hot computer tips from my cleaning lady?
A joke Bill Gates FB page.  His real one has different friends.  Like Ashton.

I have been wrestling with the Swamp Thang (so what else is new) today, I have it all spray basted together with a heavy backing and I am trying to get it through the machine to do some lines to hold it together.  Of course, in my stupidity I have chosen some miscellaneous metallic thread to do this.  And you do know how this is going without me even detailing it, right?  To make my life easier I didn't even use batting since it's already about 6 layers of fabric thick, or whatever is two more than my needle will go through.  The major issue right now is that the top is creeping off the backing in odd directions, and the spray baste is not working at all to hold it steady.  It took me several hours to get it 'right', then more time to sit and wait for the Goo-Gone to eat away the overspray off my hands, which somehow is now all over my keyboard.  And sticking me to the floor.  Now I have to go back and heavily pin it all together and see if I can finish up at least one side before I take my leave.
arranginig the vintage 30's fabric into borders.  I know, I know.  Borders are passe.  Suck it up.

And that I must do soonest because the anger-management guy and his pissed off wife are next door screaming at each other again.  Yeah, I have cement walls in the front and back, I have a 3" thick metal garage door, I have a hurricane proof roof but I have regular old wallboard between me and the two offices on both sides of me.  I can hear both their phone conversations so for that reason I have held of getting myself a little tv to keep me company, afraid it will disturb the other offices because I would have to have it pretty loud to hear it over the machine and the AC when it's on.  On the other side is the Christian Rock Band practice space but they only work after 7 at night and on Sunday afternoons.
'some' Christian rock band, not MY Christian rock band.  But who can tell...

But back to the on-going fight.  Whenever I see her little station wagon in the parking spot, I know we are in for a stormy day.  I can't hear his voice until she starts in on him, but I sure can hear her loud and clear.  I don't know whose fault the distress is, but it drives me crazy that they can't take it elsewhere, like therapy.  Usually she slams out of the building and revs her car out of the lot at high speeds.  I wish someone would do something about it, like steer them to therapy, because certainly it's no way to live.  But I don't think they know that.

not my next door neighbors, but somebody's next door neighbors.  Get a therapist.

And with that I will get back to sticky-fingered pinning.  Avoiding confrontation, even when I am not involved!


Beverly said...

I REALLY like the borders. Or should I say, I really like the piece, because the borders integrate perfectly. But metallic thread??? Why Why Why do you do this to yourself? But i can't wait to see it!

Sandy said...

Yeah. Why do I do this to myself... 'cause it was the only thread that disappeared against all the different values- it's actually not all that bad if I keep a steady pace so I start out with the quilt under the needle at the end, and I stand up holding it at the other end and just let 'er rip on the machine's decisions! It's too stiff to roll up and get through like a normal person would do, instead I am getting my 'walking' exercise in while I work. So far the thread has only broken twice, but pretend I didn't say that so I'm not jinxed.