Friday, April 16, 2010

Elvin Tricks

I'm at 890 posts and have to think of something interesting for 10 more before the Big 900 Celebration where I promise to elevate whining into new arenas.  I checked my stats today and numbers are up but comments are down-  WTF?  I did notice that I have taken a lot of google images to  (ummm) illustrate my points (when I sometimes have one) and now those images are listed on my blog instead of where I found them.  Witness yesterday's elves.

I do have to say that the elves worked overtime las night.  When I dropped by the studio to set the temperature up to 80 while I'm gone, I noticed my poor swamp thing rolled up in a heap so I stuck it on my wall in passing.  Then I passed again and pinned on a border, though I hate to call it a 'border'-  it's more of an edge.  Makes it EDGY.  Another pass, another edge, four times.  And there it was-  finished except for the stitching!  I am so anxious to get back and get it done, and finally I do see an end.  Pictures when it's underway, but I am leaving happy without the sense of dread I had yesterday about finishing it.

Today I am taking the big plane, hopefully not through any clouds of volcanic dust, to Philadelphia.  I'm staying there 2 nights with old dear friends who will squire me around from restaurant to restaurant and then end up at the ArtQuilt Elements opening night show in Wayne.  I'm looking forward to seeing the show, and hopefully finding some shred of how on earth I was accepted into this show.  Not that I don't like my quilt, it's just that I can't figure out how it will fit in with all the 'ahty' statements and all the obsessive stitchin' and all the hand dyes.  Mine has none of any of that.  This is the quilt that compares and contrasts the story of Snow White and the story of Adam and Eve as taking place in Central Park.  Content heavy-  you gotta have me there 'splainin' it.  Not to mention all my ripped of images of great moments in art plus a bit of frontal nudity.  Yeah, I will certainly be doing my 'splainin'.

 I'll be the one standing there in front of it wearing my rubber bracelets commemorating the seven deadly sins in tertiary colors with a blouse to match.  More 'splainin'.  I particularly like 'gluttony'...  ah, I remember when...  And off I go into the wild blue yonder.

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Mary Beth said...

well I have a comment: what is the one badge that you have over there - BWO.Crow?

For me it just links to itself, not to another website (where I could presumably figure out what it means... LOL)