Thursday, April 15, 2010

Super Hero Syndrome

You would feel better today if you knew that someone was looking out for you, yet you might choose to take care of yourself rather than facing possible disappointment. Just because you're tired of being let down by others doesn't mean you need to overcompensate and perform like a superhero. Don't be afraid to admit that you cannot do everything; showing your vulnerability will ultimately bring you closer to those you love.
Yeah right, I want someone to look out for me!  Ha!
There, I said it.
What I really want is a team of elves to come into the studio at night and work in the SWAMP!
Did I say team of elves?  Who are these elves?  Can they sew?  Can they, can they?  

They are hired, no resume, no background check, hell, no requirements!!  Overcompensate?  Ha! (again) Possible disappointment?  Ha!  I'm so over that.  I will take whatever work they contribute because I am so over being self reliant.  And I am also so over this friggin quilt.  I have just a few more days to finish it before the car leaves that will take it up to MA, so all the guns are out and pointed at me to get it done.  Oh yes, I work so well under pressure.  Sigh.

Meanwhile, back at the hacienda, La Tortuga Campo, I am trying to fit a steamer trunk worth of stuff into my teensy carry-on suitcase.  I need to take clothes with me this trip because there is nothing back in the north country closet that fits me.  Also because I am swinging by the ArtQuilt Elements opening I need something appropriate for that so the usual jeans+jacket travel ensemble needs stepping up a notch.  So I am packing and re-packing, eliminating and adding.  Plus the requisite electronics and knitting project in the bag.  But for now, all that will have to wait as I race to the studio to put in a couple of hours before the lunch appointment with friends I don't see very often.  

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