Sunday, April 04, 2010

The One With the Skeptical Rabbit

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it.  Frankly, I do, because I will celebrate any holiday that has something good to do with food (but for me rabbits are not food!)  In spite of the broth diet these days, I managed to find some already dyed eggs at Publix so got a dozen.  They were packaged in one of those clear two-tops egg cases so we could see the colors and I flopped it on the cashiers rolling counter.  The bag kid yells out," Oh, COOOOOL!" when he sees them, and asks me,  "What's inside, chocolate?"

I said, no indeedy, there are eggs inside.  He looked blank, like why would anybody put eggs inside of the pretty candy...

Our future is in his hands, folks.  Scary.

I got notice that there are actually plans being made for a reunion of my high school class going on, target date next summer.  This is a year shy of the actual anniversary, but they seem to be afraid we are so old and dropping like flies that they must hurry.  In fact, they have joined forces with the class behind us to have a joint reunion.  This is a good thing because our class is a bit lax on the whole planning thing, and maybe it will actually take place with some other group in charge!  There are a few people I'd love to see, a few I wonder what ever happened to, but mostly I've lost my curiosity knowing full well I am easily found but no one seems to be trying very hard.

So I just googled myself and found that I was a defendant in a criminal case where I murdered a homeless woman.  I apparently sell real estate in Albuquerque as well as in the UK, have a facebook, a twitter, a myspace, and a linkedin presence as well as a filmography.  Who knew I did that!  My own name didn't make it to the first two google pages so I gave up and retract that I am easy to find.

#1, (left) before I ruined it with gel medium                                                    

                (right) #2 , the rejected second version

                           #3 (below)  today's version, pins included
Get me my glue, it's gonna call in done!  

And with that, I am going over to my aunt and uncle's house where I will have a hard time resisting their offers of food but I will prevail because I am pretending to be a member of the ancient Indian tribe of mouthless Astomi who survive only on the scent of aromatic fruits.  But I haven't checked, I bet that has too many carbs too.  Like them, I will die at unpleasant odors.  Unlike them I am not covered in body hair, but I still identify.  

                                                         In obscurity and obsolescence,

Hope you find all your baskets!

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