Monday, April 12, 2010

Going No Where in a Hurry, and a Mounting Lesson

Before you get me stated today, I finally took a picture of my little gift quilt from Beverly Fine (aka Beverly-the-North) the other day.  She sent me an image of this and it took my breath away, so what did she do?  She gave it to me!  I've got it hanging in the studio right where I can see it, because I think it is BRILLIANT!  And you must too!  It was a piece of marbleized fabric, I think the first one she did, when we set up the studio a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately we had a pretty bad day of work because one of the trays became contaminated, by what we never figured out, and I haven't gotten back at it to work it through.

And now back for today's whining---
I should have known when I woke up this morning this would be the case, going no where in a hurry.  It was raining, someone had piled the whole down blanket on top of me so I was hot, the dog was making the bed shake like 25 cents worth of 'magic fingers' because she apparently heard some distant thunder and I was too tired to go hunt down her ThunderShirt.

You can see many good reasons for throwing caution to the wind and going ahead with your original plans. But it's confusing because there are also significant indications that you're on the wrong path. Although you could run into some stiff opposition to your ideas, it's much smarter to slow down your forward movement rather than stopping progress altogether. You have nothing to prove by getting anywhere in a hurry.
So I got up too early, and sat knitting in the dark until it got light enough to make coffee.  Then it was raining so hard I didn't have any interest in getting going for the day so I did laundry, poked around, and generally wasted a few hours before getting myself to the studio.

Now, about that Horror-Scope:  Sure I would like to 'throw caution to the wind' and simply laminate the whole Swamp Thing quilt mess, but I will be good and instead stay the original path in spite of the 'indications'.

And yeah, the forward movement is slowed rather than stopped and today I am devoting myself to getting the second collage finished up.  Not push on this one because it's too big for any competitions for space.  I bought some foam core board and am mounting it today, using Beverly-the-South's hand dyed fabric as a backing, since I had already used a smaller piece for the edges.  I'm running back and forth between raindrops to spray the boards with adhesive because last time I tried something like that inside I lost seventeen more braincells and we all know I can ill afford such a deficit any longer.  Not to mention the headache.  So, the deal is this-  I cut two boards to fit and punched preliminary holes in one to handle the hanging wire.  Then I glued the great fabric on the back with about a 2" flap of extra all around.

I then punched the holes through the board and fabric, threaded on two buttons and brought the ends of the wire through to the back and taped them down tight.  The buttons will stop the wire from cutting too much through the boards over time.  (She explained hopefully!)

Then the second board was glued to the inside of the first board and weighted until it dried.  The flaps of fabric were brought to the fronts on all four sides and folded neatly and glued down.

A layer of batting, just some thin leftovers to add a bit of dimension to the collage itself, was glued in place on the front, leaving about an inch of fabric showing (the collage front will cover most of the board and extend almost to the edges.)  Next I am putting fusible webbing onto the edges of the collage quilt and will press it in place around the edges of the board.  The border of the quilt is similar fabric to the backing so the only difference will be where the pattern actually touches-  a Good Thing.  That's all I have left to do.
Writing a Wrong
and it's detail with More Faux-Slo Stitching!

(my left hand dangling the collage, my right hand taking the picture  Usually one hand doesn't have a clue what the other one is doing.)  And another one bites the dust.

I have taken a better picture of 'Curiouser', and also have a close-up of the signature.  I found some alphabet macaroni stashed away in my print bin so spent a way-too-long time sorting it looking for my name.  Here ya go:

I cut a linoleum stamp to do the 'stitching' all around the edge, what a pain, but it needed stitching to (visually) hold the edge down and I couldn't get any needles through.  Done.  A few more minutes and the next one will be done too which leaves me with ONLY the Swamp Thang to contend with.  But first I am thinking a wee piece of cheese will keep me going, and nothing Molly likes better than to share my cheese!

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