Monday, April 30, 2012

Fraternity Fraud Comrade

Caine's Arcade, small master of cardboard imagination! Warning: You'll get all teary towards the end.

More cardboard I've collected here and there showing just how amazing the work of people who wield box cutters and good glue can be.  All the links are to the web pages of the different artists:

 Sylvie Reno, above and below:

 Mark Langan, a colorist

 Chris Gilmore, incredible detail in these realistic motorcycles

Ann Weber, very sophisticated shapes and lucious surface

Junior Fritz Jacquet, and, yup, these were formerly toilet paper rolls!

Josef Sumichrast, a 'Wall Rabbit', something he sees out of the corner of his eye.

Don't we all?

If you're interested in more about cardboard artistry, I found a great website that talks about some of the artists in depth and gives more information about where you can see some of these things 'in the flesh'.
The Art of Cardboard.  Another site is Cardboarders which features workshops for building items to be used for community events.  And finally, this, taken directly from the Huffington Post:

Most often artwork made with a cardboard box is referred to as a diorama and is made by a third grader, but sometimes the humble material can yield incredible results. A street artist named EVOL creates miniature urban worlds on cardboard boxes, electrical boxes, planters and other tiny geometric surfaces.On found canvases as small as 60 cm, the Berlin-based artist uses stencils and spray paint to make unbelievably lifelike cities on any surface, whether a cardboard box or a hole in an abandoned warehouse. Not since Hitchcock's 'Rear Window' have we felt so intimate with a group of strange neighbors.
Leo Horrors, and The Nerve!
Although there's not much holding you back today, this lack of resistance can work in one of two ways. On the upside, your cheerful attitude positively impacts those around you and they feel the warm and loving side of the Lion's power. However, on the downside, you might be overbearing without even realizing it, prompting others to see you as selfish. Roaring loudly won't prevent anyone from seeing your faults. A gentle approach allows others to engage your radiant nature with ease. 
Of course they are all wrong.  Harumph.  I'm putting my radiant nature under a bushel basket today, that'll show them.

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