Saturday, April 28, 2012

Laid Albatross Seafood

Words of the Day:
How true!

Forgot to show you my 'memento' from Key West!  His name is Jeffrey, after the shopkeeper who sold him to me for a nice discount, and he necessitated a complete re-packing of the car for the ride home since he needed a seat to himself:
Strangely the dogs just ignore him.  I usually keep some stuffed animals in his mouth but thought better of it for his portrait photograph.  TY and I disagree on whether he is a crocodile or an alligator but since he's from Java my money is on croc.  Doesn't matter, we have both here in the Everglades, only place on earth they exist together.  Do you care?  Me either, as long as the live-in is wooden!

And the Horror today:
You are sowing your oats now that the Moon is back in your sign for a visit. In fact, you're probably feeling everything -- the good and the bad -- at a louder volume than usual. Although it may be challenging to keep your emotions quiet, a fortunate outcome is indicated if you honestly share your heart's desires today. Just make sure that communication is a two-way street. Take the time to acknowledge the special gifts that others bring to the table.
Hmmm, sowing my oats or SEWING my oats, that is the question.  Maybe they made a typo.

Spent the day in the studio yesterday picking up stuff and removing dirt and crapola from the tables getting ready for something big (from my keyboard to gods eyes...)  While I was wasting time, err, I mean working, my daughter called and is painting a big-girl room to move Hazel into. Being four, of course her request is for pink and it hit a raw nerve in my way-back subconscious that I have a bunch of old quilts that have pink in them in various degrees.  So, while I was talking with the phone held in place by a shoulder I pulled 4 quilts, photographed sections of them, and sent them on to her for approval.
 This is an old top from eBay that I bought as a cutter, but it's in good shape so I never did slice into it.  it needs to be layered and quilted at some point, OR it needs to be used in my third piece in the portrait patterns series.  Whichever comes first.

All of the above quilts were all built from collected vintage blocks I found at flea markets or were given to me.  I have always loved re-building a quilt from unloved elements and adding new parts to confound the historians in 100 years.
This one was made my Hazel's Great Great Grandmother, or more probably someone she knew since her expertise was never in stitchery. It's been used and loved for years and isn't in very good shape any longer.  This one is Hazel's whether she wants it or not~  we don't have much 'family stuff' to hand down, certainly not anything of substance, so it takes on it's own worth.
__________________subject change line reappears________________________________________________

We went to a party years ago in a private room at Locke Ober's, a venerable Boston restaurant, very chi-chi, very elegant.  A (very) handsome young man was seated next to me and we didn't start talking until halfway through the dinner when he turned to me and started a conversation-  I was immediately struck by what a great looking, well groomed guy was doing with hideous teeth and why he had never had them fixed.  I was really turned off, they were brown and rotted and crooked, and it changed my perception of him totally.  I found myself avoiding him because I didn't hear what he was talking about-  only saw the teeth!  He was wearing a name tag he had stolen from a reunion party in another private room, "CLASS OF 1968" which I thought was really funny-  he had apparently gone in, taken the name tag, grabbed a drink and schmoozed with the 'classmates' who were quite surprised to see how he had gotten much younger over the years but carried on conversations like they recognized him. A joker.

And then he removed his teeth!  Hi real teeth were quite normal, he had an icky-teef flipper on that were completely realistic, and at that moment both TY and I wanted our own sets.  They had an Eleanor Roosevelt set for me and an Appalachian set for him but we never had the $ back then for such frivolity.  Well this morning TY brought up Dr. Bukk's teef, wondering if they were still around and they ARE!  If you want to get into your back-woods look, go visit now!  It's good for a laugh.  Here are Eleanor's Teef:
But you can't get these before I do-  I may have to attend a SAQA conference or get into another show for their opening to wear them for the group picture!

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